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Marion Somers

Dr. Marion Somers is renowned as a geriatric care expert with more than 50 years of excellence in her field. She has earned a Bachelor of Arts, with honors, from the City College of New York and a Master of Science in recreational therapy from Lehman College. Dr. Somers subsequently obtained a PhD in human and organizational development from the Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California. Dr. Somers’ passion for education has been her driving force while constantly finding workarounds to compensate for her being born with dyslexia.

Notably, Dr. Somers’ work includes assistive devices for improving medical outcomes and quality of life in the aging population, and advocacy work for the families and caregivers of seniors. Prior to beginning her work in gerontology and geriatric care, she worked as a corporate staff trainer and a coordinator for Hasbro. While at Hasbro, Dr. Somers was instrumental in the development of the Companion Pet, an interactive animatronic pet utilized to provide comfort and enrichment to seniors and dementia patients.

Dr. Somers further flourished as the owner and operator of a private geriatric care management company for more than 50 years. Likewise, she founded the professional geriatric care management certificate program at Hunter College. Dr. Somers has also found success as the co-founder of Doctor M Media LLC and the director of education at UI Medical LLC (QuickChange) since 2015.

Dr. Somers is the author of numerous books about aging and resources for families caring for aging loved ones, including “The Home: A Brief Moment in Time” and “Elder Care Made Easier, 2nd.” She is additionally active as a regular columnist for Grand Magazine. Appearing on national television and radio outlets as a guest expert. Dr. Somers is the recipient of two National Mature Media Awards for Doctor M Media, LLC and a commendation from the National Therapeutic Recreation Association.

The highlight of Dr. Somers’ career was the fact that she has persevered, no matter the obstacles that came in her way. She can accomplish anything, no matter what the hurdles are. Other highlights are the books she has published and her children, grandchildren and great-granddaughters. Dr. Somers is strong enough to go to work during the day, go to school during the night, take care of her three children, including all other responsibilities, and give back to others.


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