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Revital Kaufman-Meron

Driven by a passionate love of residential design and architecture, Revital Kaufman-Meron sought to enter the field professionally. A native of Israel, she attended Tel Aviv University, graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Architecture in 2003. While pursuing her degree, she was a freelance graphic and architectural designer in Israel between 2002 and 2004. Thereafter, Ms. Kaufman-Meron relocated to the United States, where she moved with her family to Cambridge, Massachusetts. Between 2005 and 2006, she flourished as an architectural designer at Sterling Associates and Hammer Architects, having subsequently served as a design coordinator at Stantec (formerly ADD Inc.) from 2006 to 2008.

While pursuing these roles, Ms. Kaufman-Meron concurrently thrived as a faculty member at Boston Architectural College from 2007 to 2008. Following this appointment, she moved to the San Francisco Bay area in California, where she served as the founder and head designer of Bar-bar-e Kidsstuff. She also worked as a freelance architectural designer. Since 2010, Ms. Kaufman-Meron has been the co-founder and chief executive officer of BeKoM Design Inc. in Sunnyvale, California, alongside business partner Susan Bowen. BeKoM Design Inc. is recognized as an innovative boutique firm that specializes in custom single-family home design. In her position, she is responsible for engaging clients to reveal their visions for their dream homes. Following this, she leveraged three-dimensional software to provide her clients with a realistic perspective of both the architectural design and interior design of the home.

Notably, Ms. Kaufman-Meron emphasizes the aesthetic beauty and functionality of indoor-outdoor living, through which she also incorporates such outdoor amenities as barbeques and pools to enhance the home. Alongside her primary efforts, she oversees all permitting processes and supports construction initiatives to ensure that her designs are being implemented accordingly. Ms. Kaufman-Meron is particularly proud to have helped establish a growing company, which has been in business for nearly 15 years. She is also gratified by the quality of her work and her astute attention to detail, which both serve as a testament to her affinity for design.

Ms. Kaufman-Meron credits her success to the love and support of her family, especially her husband and children. She also attributes the collaboration with her business partner, co-founder of BeKoM Design Inc., and her many clients, who all have inspired her to perform her best in a professional and artistic capacity. She says that her clients have always been her top priority, and her passion for design is aided by their vision until their dream homes come to fruition. As a professional designer, Ms. Kaufman-Meron takes immense pride in the level of detail of her designs. Likewise, as a businesswoman, she has received a strong sense of fulfillment from establishing her own company and growing it into an award-winning firm that has been recognized on an international scale.

In commemoration of her achievements, Ms. Kaufman-Meron has been honored on many occasions. For six consecutive years between 2017 and 2023, BeKoM Design Inc. received the Best in Service Award from Houzz, having also been honored as the Best Residential Architects and Designs in Los Altos, California, by Home Builder Digest. Moreover, she and BeKoM Design Inc. have been published nationally and abroad in professional publications, including “San Francisco Architects Top Bay Area Studios” and “How to Design an Instagrammable Kitchen” through European Cabinets & Design Studios. In 2020, Ms. Kaufman-Meron was featured by Harper Design in “150 New Best of the Best House Ideas.”

In the coming years, Ms. Kaufman-Meron endeavors to advance further in her career with BeKoM Design Inc., expanding the scope of her professional expertise to ensure that the company continues to flourish in an ever-evolving economy and market. She also aims to keep serving her clients to the best of her ability, making their dream homes a reality and allowing them the creative freedom to express themselves. In her free time, Ms. Kaufman-Meron enjoys dining, exercising, and traveling. Married to Guy Meron for more than 20 years, she lives and works by the mantra, “Turn to your support system.”

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