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Avis Copelin

Avis Copelin began her professional studies with the intent of becoming an attorney. Completing typing coursework while still in middle school, she ultimately earned a Bachelor of Science in political science, with honors, from the Xavier University of Louisiana, having received several scholarships. She went on to land a job with a law firm after impressing the recruiter with both her interview and typing skills. By the time she worked her way up to paralegal, however, she had realized that her true passion did not lie with law. In 2019, Ms. Copelin established Medina, a health and beauty business, which has been voted one of the “Best Health and Beauty Stores” by a local newspaper.

As part of her work in health, Ms. Copelin has begun developing cannabinoid/cannabidiol (CBD) products. Holding two certificates in CBD-related protocol and regulatory compliance, she has partnered with a physician, a nurse practitioner and a psychologist to develop proprietary coconut oil-based CBD products. They have recently started a board to oversee clinical trials of their products, as Ms. Copelin feels strongly about being able to provide scientifically credible data for any product being sold as a medication and ensuring that her products truly work prior to releasing them. As her experience grows, she hopes to be recognized as an expert who can give her voice to the ongoing debate surrounding CBD medications and educate others about the benefits of plant-based therapeutics.

Looking toward the future, Ms. Copelin hopes to be more involved in her local community. In addition to her work in health and beauty, she has established herself as a real estate investor as well, a role that she hopes to leverage to provide housing for homeless individuals. Above everything, she hopes to cultivate a legacy as someone who devoted herself to keeping people alive. Ms. Copelin attributes much of her success to her desire for knowledge, her drive to keep learning and devoting a considerable amount of time and energy to her research.


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