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Known amongst her peers for her expertise in fashion, retail and merchandising, Antoinette Piesche is thriving as the owner of La Bella Moda, LLC. She first opened the store in 2011 in Clinton, Mass., after realizing that there was a lack of plus-size women’s clothing in the fashion industry. Desiring to fill the niche, Ms. Piesche has made it her mission to create pieces for women of all sizes. Some of her responsibilities at the boutique have come to include managing all operations and designing clothes. She is proud to have earned a reputation for being attentive to detail and committed to her customers.

Over the years, Ms. Piesche has presented her work to both fashion shows and magazines alike. Notably, she participated in PLITZS New York City Fashion Week in 2017 and Couture Fashion Week in New York City in 2014, among others. One of Ms. Piesche’s proudest accomplishments was being the first person to present a plus size model in a fashion show. She attributes her success to her hard work and dedication, as well as to her passion for what she does.

​Looking to the future, Ms. Piesche intends to expand her company and write fashion books to help others in the industry. She also hopes to be remembered for her contributions to women’s fashion.


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