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Svetlana Shur is an entrepreneur and the owner of three companies, including Loving Neighbor Home Care, a non-medical home care and assistance company serving clients throughout the Spokane Valley area. Loving Neighbor Home Care was established in 2019 to offer clients a full spectrum of community-based in-home care and companionship services, ranging from nutrition management and social support to post-operative, perinatal, and respite care. As director of operations for Loving Neighbor Home Care, Ms. Shur is active in all aspects of business, including scheduling for more than 20 certified caregivers, maintaining individual client calendars, and remaining involved in monitoring client and family satisfaction and ongoing needs.

Ms. Shur strives to provide exceptional care and connection, with the goal of having caregivers become a part of each client’s family, and she has developed a reputation for her commitment to her staff, offering higher rates of compensation than any other company in the area. Loving Neighbor Home Care serves a large number of clients with dementia and other memory deficits. In addition to running Loving Neighbor Home Care, Ms. Shur is an approved Bemer medical equipment distributor and was recently selected by her local Veterans Health Administration as a partner vendor. In the coming years, she looks forward to continuing to expand Loving Neighbor Home Care to include providers in neighboring states.

Born in Ukraine, Ms. Shur relocated to the United States in 1989 and is fluent in both Ukrainian and Russian. Between 2014 and 2016, she completed coursework through the Blackstone Career Institute and holds a national paralegal certification. She began her career in real estate as a realtor and broker, earning a Rookie of the Year award for her early excellence. Ms. Shur remained in the real estate industry for several years, developing a unique perspective on sales and customer care before transitioning into independent business.

In addition to serving as the director of operations for Loving Neighbor Home Care, Ms. Shur is the owner of Washington Grant Writer, where she consults with clients across industries who are seeking to fund or expand their programming or organizational growth through grant funding. Her clients have included arts and cultural groups, transportation and human services providers, and community development advocates, with funding coming from private and public sources at the local, regional, and national levels. She is currently in the process of working with her eldest daughter to develop an independent nonprofit organization, Glory As A Joy, offering financially underserved adults free or reduced-cost home care services. Alongside launching Glory As A Joy, Ms. Shur is also working toward opening a free bathhouse facility for wheelchair users and adults with limited mobility or assistive mobility needs.

Ms. Shur’s personal philosophy is “dedication beyond measure,” and she is passionate about helping improve the lives of others in any way possible. She is active in advocacy and event organization for various diaspora communities in her area and is the former publisher of a magazine targeting her local Russian community. Outside her work in healthcare and community services, Ms. Shur is the owner of Anchor Treasures, an Etsy shop selling handmade and custom seashell decor and supplies, and the co-host of a podcast. In her personal time, she enjoys hiking, playing basketball, and watching movies, as well as spending time with her four children.


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