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An expert in construction, Belva Ann Nelson has excelled as the president and chief executive officer of R.L. Nelson Construction & Foundation Repair, Inc., since 1979. R.L. Nelson Construction & Foundation Repair, Inc., notably fixes the structural foundations on many residential and commercial buildings. A company she started initially with her husband, Ms. Nelson is currently responsible for managing three crews of contractors who provide a number of home improvement services in the Houston area. Additionally, she inspects structural damage due to foundation movements that is caused by tree roots, rotting wood or drainage. More often than not, she will advise her clients to perform general maintenance on their properties to avoid an array of issues. She has become very proficient in the business, and can provide a thorough analysis and quote on an issue within minutes.

Since the passing of her late husband, Ms. Nelson works alongside her niece Thelma Reynolds and together, the two run a women owned company – a feat she is particularly proud of. Prior to embarking on her professional journey, she completed coursework at the University of Houston, as well as Lee College and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Ms. Nelson and her late husband started the R.L. Nelson Construction & Construction Repair, Inc., after leaving a bridge building company due to new ownership. At the start of company, she had little knowledge of the construction world, but began learning everything from the ground up over time. In an effort to remain aware of changes in the field, she maintains a professional relationship with the Foundation Performance Association.

Inspired by her husband, Ms. Nelson attributes her success to always wanting to assist in his progression as a business owner, as well as her natural desire to help people in general. She also enjoyed observing his hard work and persistence, which led to an abundance of rewards and overall satisfaction. In a career filled with highlights, Ms. Nelson is most proud of her work on a group of homes that were built alongside a creek in the downtown Houston area. The homes in the area were experiencing gradual slope failure that caused the structure to occasionally flood and move unnecessarily. Through her expertise, the company was able to provide repairs that prevented the issues from occurring further. Another humbling movement for her thus far was sitting on the board of directors for the Foundation Performance Association, an organization comprised mainly of engineers.

Outside of primary endeavors, Ms. Nelson previously served as the past president for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and held the title of an arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau. In the coming years, she would like to continue working and observe the company she and her husband started flourish.


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