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Natasha Bell

Growing up, Natasha Silver Bell was a typical Midwestern farm girl raised by caring parents. However, by the 90s, she found herself developing an addiction to prescription medication. Thankfully, she made the conscious decision to make a change in her 20s and began helping others through a 12-step program. Upon earning an Associate of Science from Andrews University, Ms. Bell became a certified addiction recovery coach and has served in such capacity with Silver Bell Coaching LLC since 2013.

Silver Bell Coaching LLC provides effective methods to assist in traditional or alternative treatment models for individuals who suffer from depression, eating disorders and life transitions. Ms. Bell is specifically responsible for evidence-based recovery coaching, extended case management, and collaborating with psychologists and psychiatrists to develop the best plans for her clients. In addition to working with Silver Bell Coaching, she has also excelled as the co-founder and chief executive officer of Due North Quest since 2015. Through Due North Quest, Ms. Bell travels to select countries to participate in humanitarian relief projects. Upon identifying areas with a significant need for help, the organization works alongside the communities to create a difference.

Civically, Ms. Bell does pro bono workshops with partnerships focused on the youth. She recently merged with the Center for Addictions, which is now the largest national nonprofit in science, statistics, education, awareness and prevention, to help parents know how to combat substance abuse and watch for the signs. Additionally, she developed Youth Prevention Mentors LLC, which aims to prevent harmful behaviors from taking hold in the teenage years. The program has proved to be a pivotal turning point and trajectory in the teenage decision making years and their life choices.

Utilizing her expertise in substance abuse recovery, Ms. Bell has contributed as a public speaker and volunteer for Pencil, Inc., as well as the Partnership for Drug Free Kids. For her accomplishments in the field, she was honored by the partnership in 2018. The factor or attribute that Ms. Bell felt has played a role in her success is her humility and her inability to be phased by tough statements and/or questions. Many clinicians and professionals in the industry are afraid to say what needs to be said, so she finds herself very direct in her delivery, but very gentle in her candor.

A member of the International Coaching Federation, Ms. Bell also maintains affiliation with the International Positive Psychology Association. She had many great mentors in her life including Marvin Arrington, a forensic psychologist, and Dr. Rami Kaminski, whom she still works with. The advice that she would offer the next generation of others aspiring to work in her profession would be to pay attention to their intuition and be fearless in their approach. In the coming years, Ms. Bell hopes to continue helping clients achieve healthy lifelong goals of happiness, sobriety and positive life change.


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