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Sara Sergent

Having always held a desire for adventure and learning, Sara Sergent drew inspiration from the example of her paternal grandmother, who was fond of gin. Having always viewed gin as a “sophisticated drink,” she desired to learn more about it and traveled to Scotland to study the art of distilling botanicals. Notably, she earned a diploma in gin distilling in Scotland. Ms. Sergent crafted her first gin in Scotland and crafts Alpine Distilling’s “Elevated Gin” in Park City, Utah.

Combining her passion for gin and entrepreneurship, Ms. Sergent co-owns Alpine Distilling alongside her husband, Col. Robert Sergent, who is a master distiller. Together, they wanted to create authentic spirits for those interested in an active and outdoor lifestyle. As flavorists, they were excited to create unique and special offerings in the realm of gin, whisky and liquors. Since 2016, Ms. Sergent has excelled as a gin distiller, crafting delicious, award-winning spirits that capture the true essence of life in Park City.

Under her direction, Ms. Sergent has led her business to great success locally and nationwide, including being named to the 10 Best Gin Distilleries by USA Today in 2019, 2020 and 2022. The distillery’s famous Alpine Gin, “Elevated Gin,” won Gin of the Year in London in 2021 and has won “Best in Show” with numerous Double-Gold awards in New York, London and Las Vegas. Likewise, Alpine Distilling’s choices in water conservation, reducing waste, controlling spillage, and energy reduction methods resulted in both the Green Business Award and certification from Recycle Utah.

Eager to share her passion for the art of distilling gin, Ms. Sergent leads custom gin-making experiences at her lounge, the Alpine Distilling Social Aid and Pleasure Club, in Park City and has appeared on the Bravo TV network. To attest to her passion and skill, she has made more than 2,000 custom gins for guests worldwide. Notably, she crafted the private label gin for St. Regis “Barrel Select,” which won gold in London at the Women’s Wine and Spirits Competition 2019 and has subsequently been featured by St. Regis internationally. She remains active as the private gin maker for the St. Regis Hotel as well as for the Lodge at Blue Sky, part of the Auberge Resorts collection. Ms. Sergent attributes her success to her adventurous spirit and inquisitive nature, always wanting to learn new things.

In addition to her primary work at her distillery, Ms. Sergent also serves as the owner of Mountain Flower Apparel, an eco-friendly clothing brand and screen-printing company in Park City, Utah. Spearheading this endeavor in 2016, each item she sells is hand-printed, and a portion of all proceeds are donated to local charities. Ms. Sergent is proud to have led Mountain Flower Apparel to become a Recycle Utah Green Certified Business.

As a commitment to her field, Ms. Sergent has been active in several industry-related organizations, including the Herb Society of America, Recycle Utah and the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland. She also served as a board member for the Park City Restaurant Association. Outside of her primary career path, she is a volunteer for local high school mountain biking and ski mountaineering teams and is also a member of the Park City High School Community Council.

Before embarking upon her professional journey, Ms. Sergent matriculated at Lyon College, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in theater design and construction and a Bachelor of Science in business management. In her earliest professional role, she worked as a training and development specialist in the human resources department for Tulane University from 2003 to 2005. Pivoting to the creative realm, she served as the creative director for Prime Productions Inc. in 2005 before starting Cottonwood Medical Supply, Inc., from 2006 and 2012.

Looking toward the future, Ms. Sergent aims to make Alpine Distilling the home for gin-making in the United States, as she is one of the most decorated distillers in the world. The distillery converts its spent grains into fuel, and she looks forward to introducing even more innovative and positive changes to the business in the coming years. She also plans to continue living by her own advice, “Say yes, and amazing things will unfold. If you’re always up for adventure and learning new things, it’s amazing how the universe will unfold.”


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