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Patricia Kliman

A lifelong learner, Patricia Reed Kliman is an accomplished information technology professional. With four decades of experience, she has worked extensively for both start-up companies and large corporations such as AT&T and Amdocs. Her roles have included pre/post-sales support, project management, programming, end-to-end testing, technical curriculum development, and leading client training and workshop sessions.  Additionally, she possesses comprehensive consulting experience, which she has leveraged to propel her forward in her career success.   Ms. Kliman has the gift of being able to take complex ideas and systems and break them down into logical and easy-to-understand processes.

In the present day, Ms. Kliman is a non-fiction author. As she transitioned away from information technology, she has delved deeper into her Jewish identity and applied herself to significant studies of Hebrew and the text of the written Torah.  Ms. Kliman became inspired when working with a Tikkun Korim, a book that contains the layout of the text of the Torah Scroll, column-by-column.  She recognized that textual layout standards existed, mandated by Halachah/Jewish Law, that each scroll needs to follow to be kosher for liturgical use.  Just as technology is replete with standards, so too the format of the Torah Scroll adheres to specific standards.  In technology, standards enable accessibility.  So too, Ms. Kliman could use the layout standards of the Torah Scroll to create resources to enable a broader audience to find their place within the Torah Scroll.  This work led to the publication of her first book, the “Torah Scroll Column Reference Guide: Index to Identify Each Column and to Locate Each Parashah/Aliyah for the 245 Column / 42 Line Layout”, published in Israel by Mosaica Press in 2021.  In addition to publishing papers on Academia.edu, in 2024, Ms. Kliman self-published the “Where is my Aliyah? – Workbook and Reference Tables to assist Torah Readers.”

Ms. Kliman has maintained active involvement with the National Association of Professors of Hebrew (NAPH).  Notably, she has been a speaker at the NAPH Conferences in 2022, held online, and in 2023, held on campus at Tel Aviv University, where she spoke on behalf of her published work. Ms. Kliman is a proponent of continuous education, and she lives her life in the pursuit of newfound knowledge and disseminating it to others. In this regard, she also tutors Hebrew students twice weekly at the Shearith Israel Religious School in Dallas, Texas, and collaborates with international and U.S.-based scholars on various research projects. She particularly enjoys witnessing her students’ moments of clarity when they understand a significant idea.

For her success, Ms. Kliman credits her strong, unwavering sense of purpose and ability to see the big picture, while, in parallel, delving deeply into the details and intricacies of each subject she studies. She also appreciates the support and encouragement of her family and colleagues who have always celebrated her achievements. Looking toward the future, Ms. Kliman aims to release more materials on alternative ways to navigate the Torah scroll. She plans to publish Torah Scroll Navigation resources for Torah Scrolls following the Yemenite standard of 226 Columns and 51 lines, along with resources to create Torah-Scroll customized Aliyot Reference Tables.


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