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JoEtta Colquitt

JoEtta Colquitt is a travel curator and the chief executive officer of Waldron Travel, where she specializes in creating original luxury vacation experiences for clients in locations around the globe. A passionate international traveler, Ms. Colquitt brings insights from decades of her independent travel adventures to her clients and strives to provide them with authentic experiences, local culture, and unexpected destinations.

Ms. Colquitt holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Mary Grove College and completed her Master of Business Administration at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in 1988. She began her career in the finance and banking sector and spent nearly three decades as a corporate banker. During this time, Ms. Colquitt had the opportunity to live and travel internationally, experiences that she considers to be formative to her outlook and which laid the foundations for her later career change. While working in the financial services field, Ms. Colquitt authored a popular credit risk management textbook and gained numerous accolades for her achievement in the industry.

In 2020, Ms. Colquitt stepped away from finance following a battle against cancer and the loss of her brother in order to focus on a career she found less stressful and more fulfilling. She launched Waldron Travel in 2021, where she specializes in sports tourism and wellness tourism in addition to luxury travel. She is proud to share the curiosity and cultural knowledge she developed while living across Europe and Asia with her clients and hopes to develop a strong base of repeat clients and corporate partners for whom she can curate retreats, themed tours, and work-life balance trips in the coming years. Ms. Colquitt is a member of the National Black Business Owners’ Association. In her personal time, she remains passionate about exploring new destinations and enjoys visits to the spa.


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