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Anna You

An acclaimed media journalist, announcer, New York correspondent and anchorwoman in the United States and the Republic of Korea, Anna J. You, PhD, has excelled with several media networks, including the Seoul Broadcasting System, the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, the Educational Broadcasting System, SBS CNBC and the CNBC Global Network. Additionally, she served as a spokesperson and press secretary for numerous international sporting events such as the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, the 2015 Gyungbuk Munkyung World Military Games, the 2015 Gwangju Universiade, the Sixth CISM World Games, the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and the 2019 Chungju World Martial Arts Masterships. Today, Dr. You channels her vast expertise into her work as a communications expert and media journalist with the YOU Creative Communications Lab, and she recently became involved with SIGNIS Asia as a screening committee member and a spokesperson and executive committee member of the 2022 SIGNIS World Congress in Seoul.

Although her career is still on the rise, Dr. You is especially proud to have been the first among Korean media professionals to report the Global Business News at the New York Stock Exchange. She feels proud of contributing to the Korean media to extend its opportunities and considers this one of the highlights of her career. Another is Dr. You’s contribution to raising awareness of many host cities and countries through many international events. Dr. You uniquely served for a series of global, mega sporting events, held in all provinces of the Republic of Korea.

In pursuit of her ideal career, Dr. You earned a Bachelor of Arts in French language and literature, with a minor in English language and literature, at Ehwa Women’s University, and a Master of Public Administration in mass communications from Yonsei University in Seoul, Republic of Korea, in 1994. Following this accomplishment, she received a Master of Science in integrated marketing communications, with a focus on direct and interactive marketing, as well as a certificate in meetings, conference and event management, at New York University in 2003. She also completed a PhD in communications at Kwangwoon University. Dr. You retains her professional alignment with the Korean Media Association and the Korean Announcers Association in order to remain aware of developments in the field.

Anna You

Due to her outstanding work, she was honored with the Best Announcer Award through the Korean Announcers Association in 1999. She also received a Korea Presidential Citation in 2017 and an Achievement Award from the City of Munkyung, Republic of Korea, in 2016, and was selected as a Korea New Intellectual in 2015. Accounting for her success, she attributes her innate passion for her profession, as well as her lack of hesitation in taking on new challenges because she feels a call to each work/mission. In another way of pursuing those commitments, Dr. You is willing to consult so that she may share her experiences and mentor others. She would like to continue to contribute to the world and to lead a better understanding of harmony through communications, whether that is within global events or in media.

Dr. You is very passionate about her job; she believes that is the key to success. She became involved in her profession because communications are essential to present yourselves, to be connected to others, to understand the difference and to embrace each other, whether that is between people, companies, different cultures, diverse backgrounds or countries. Especially, the media is one of the best ways to reach out to people and areas that can’t access, and she wanted to be the person who delivers messages at the front line. Furthermore, global events are good opportunities to extend those values. According to Dr. You, one should always be confident, yet humble, and live/work every day like it’s your first day, yet consistently and steadily. Also, she never stops dreaming and advises everyone to pursue their dreams. She emphasizes to take risks and not be afraid of failure because if you try, you will always have a higher possibility of success than if you don’t do anything at all.

Anna J. You YOU Creative Communications Lab

When you broadcast either on TV or radio, there is someone somewhere that has been affected by your message, even when you think there is nobody to be listening to or watching. When you sincerely do your best, there is something that can be changed in a better way, even when you are not aware of it right away. When you feel failed in a certain way, it could be an opportunity for you to find another way and expand your potential. Therefore, Dr. You encourages others to give earnest attention to the work that you do, and any efforts are meaningful in the end as long as you are awakening of your faith. Her father has influenced her to hold great love, warm heart and goodwill; her mother has had an effect on her to live with passion and be responsible. Likewise, Dr. You’s father-in-law has had an influence on her to have belief and positive attitude and her mother-in-law has affected her to be grateful. All of them have led her to live with faith, which she greatly appreciates and thankful to hold that legacy.

Apart from Dr. You’s work, music is a significant part of her life because she learns harmony and composure from it, as well as discovers a way of how to express life in different colors through it. Her favorite pastime is playing in a quartet with her family and she enjoys playing piano and guitar, as well as tap dancing, in her spare time. Furthermore, Dr. You recently provided a Korean translation for the 2020 book “The Book of Moods: How I Turned My Worst Emotions Into My Best Life” by Lauren Martin, which is slated to be published in the coming months.


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