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Ann Marie Charland

Ann Marie Charland is a producer with more than 25 years of expertise in live television and digital content production. Fascinated by the entertainment industry since childhood, she initially hoped to be on camera before learning about the various technical and creative roles in the industry. Ms. Charland attended Fitchburg State University, graduating cum laude in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in communications.

From 1994 until 2010, Ms. Charland found success as a field producer for WCVB-TV’s Boston ABC affiliate station, and a community service producer for the station between 2002 and 2006. In 2010, she was appointed as a senior producer at Teleproductions International, departing in 2013 to become senior producer at Ecast Productions. Ms. Charland has worked on an independent web series, as well as numerous high-end videos for internal corporate use by clients in the global energy, pharmaceutical and health care industries.

Ms. Charland is the winner of two New England Regional Emmy Awards for Outstanding Live Special Event Coverage for her work on WCVB’s “Holiday Lights.” Her work has also been nominated for additional Emmys including a National Primetime Emmy Award. Well versed in the intricacies of her field, Ms. Charland is a member of the New England chapter of Women in Film and Video, as well as the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Ms. Charland is hardworking, committed and passionate about her work and has been for a long time. She values the relationships she has established with the people that she has worked with for all of these years. She believes work comes and goes, but people remember how you made them feel. Moving forward, Ms. Charland hopes to continue to make high quality productions that impact her clients and their clients. Everything that she does in life and in her industry is through collaboration, and she understands the importance of working with others.

What separates Ms. Charland her from the competition is that she is competent and goes out of her way to understand what everyone’s job is on her team. She surrounds herself with great people. Additionally, she knows the tools that others need to do their job so that they can do their job well, even if she doesn’t know how to do the job herself. In addition, Ms. Charland doesn’t micromanage, and she advises others to hire people who are smart and listen to them.


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