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Carolina Herrera Florez

With a background in health coaching, Carolina Herrera Flórez excels as the principal of MagentaStars, an app that offers a 10-minute daily yoga routine and helps bring regular yoga practice into the lives of her users. In her position, she manages the business, plans marketing campaigns, oversees sales, handles product development, and maintains the app. Ms. Herrera Flórez attributes much of her success to her mentors, as she works with proven business experts and incorporates their advice. Committed to making a difference in the lives of her customers and passionate about empowering others to incorporate yoga into their lives, she hopes to bring MagentaStars to the forefront of the wellness industry. Also, she is proud to see how her application and yoga workbook impact her users and assist them on their wellness journey.

Born in Colombia, Ms. Herrera Flórez immigrated to the United States in 1998. With a master’s degree in health care administration, she worked as a health coach for an insurance company, which she found to be extremely fast-paced and stressful. During this tense and high-pressure time, she turned to yoga to manage her own stress and found that she loved it. As Ms. Herrera Flórez became a mother of two and a loving wife to Henry, she found it hard to create time for yoga and eventually lost the habit amid the hustle and bustle of her life. She then resolved to write a book. After assembling her team and consulting a business coach, she published a book teaching others how to become exceptional yoga teachers. Among her professional achievements, Ms. Herrera Flórez considers producing as well as developing and creating her fun and innovative yoga method as her most notable accomplishment.

Known as a passionate, centered, and empathetic person, Ms. Herrera Flórez always seeks ways to find joy and connect with others. She is proud to have developed her professional skills in many areas, such as communications, and boasts a diverse background in health, lifestyle, and wellness, which she brings to her role at MagentaStars. When she isn’t working, Ms. Herrera Flórez enjoys staying active through yoga and hiking. She also loves spending time with her family, traveling, reading, and cooking.


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