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Annie Truong

The pharmacist manager and owner of Biocare Pharmacy since 2008, Annie Truong is proud of her place in the industry. She and her husband, Chau Hong Phan, opened the independent company with the intention of serving the Vietnamese community regarding “specialty compounding medication formulations that are not readily available in the market.” Now, after a decade in business, they also offer consulting, medical prescriptions, beauty care supplies, food, and over-the-counter products. Ms. Truong attributes her ongoing success to the relationships she has built with her clientele and employees. She loves being able to use her passions to help others.

As a testament to her hard work and dedication, Ms. Truong was honored as Pharmacist of the Year by the Trademark Women of Distinction Honors Edition in 2018, and with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Disabled Veterans and Widows Relief Association between 2016 and 2017. She was also recognized as Pharmacist of the Year by the University of Houston Alumni Association and as the Medical Professional of the Year in 2016. Additionally, she was the recipient of the Houston Cam On Anh Award.​When Ms. Truong isn’t working, she enjoys reading, painting, fashion, and spending time with her family. She and her husband have two children, Ashley Hong Phan and Christopher Hong Phan. She also believes very strongly in the importance of giving back; she is currently a sponsor of the Disabled Veterans and Widows Relief Association.


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