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Charmain Bogue embarked on her studies at Morgan State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, before obtaining a Master of Education from Hofstra University in 2006. She has furthered her studies over the years through completing coursework in various leadership programs at the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School, the George Washington University, and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, as well as certification as a Lean Six Sigma black belt. Achieving a position with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, she became the senior analyst in the Office of the Deputy Undersecretary for Economic Opportunity in 2011 and the deputy director of operations and education services in 2014.

Serving as a Senior Executive Service officer for education services with the Department of Veterans Affairs from 2019 to 2022, Ms. Bogue retired from federal service after 15 years to pursue new avenues. In 2022, she was appointed as the executive director of Women’s Campaign International, where she had served on the board of directors since 2019. With her overarching goal being to make an impact in the lives of women and girls around the world, she is responsible for cultivating the organization’s existing programs as well as working to create new programs that will expand the reach and scope of Women’s Campaign International. She is particularly involved in advocacy and leadership programs and is active in international spaces through the organization’s international programs that run in roughly 45 countries across the globe. Dedicating much of her time to critical social issues, Ms. Bogue plans to continue to involve herself in women’s issues and remain an active and ever growing professional in the field.

Ms. Bogue attributes much of her success to her ability to network and the excellent networks that she has developed through that skill. Furthermore, she also credits her refusal to give up, always seeking out new opportunities, and not being afraid to take on new challenges for helping her to reach her goals as well as her ongoing emphasis on helping others. Alongside her primary endeavors, she has served on the committee on STEM education for the National Science and Technology Council since 2020 and has also spent time on the women leaders advisory board for Hofstra University and as a mentor for the Mom Project, a digital talent marketplace that connects professional women with companies and positions that suit them. More recently, Ms. Bogue established the She Blends Strategy Firm in February 2022, through which she provides her expertise to various nonprofit organizations.

For her excellence, Ms. Bogue has been the recipient of a number of honors and accolades over the course of her career. In 2019, she was named to the HillVets 100 and presented with the Service to the Citizens Public Service Award by the HillVets Foundation. Later on, in 2021, she was recognized by the Western Association of Veterans Education Specialists with the Bill Pearson Outstanding Lifetime Achievement. Above these accolades, however, Ms. Bogue considers her most notable achievement to be all the time she has spent giving back to the world and being an advocate for social issues in a variety of areas relating to veteran affairs and women’s issues.

In her personal life, Ms. Bogue has been married to her husband, Barrett Bogue, for many happy years. Together they are the proud parents of two daughters, Antebellum and Penelope. In her free time, Ms. Bogue enjoys cultivating her hobbies of traveling, yoga and other outdoor activities, as well as simply spending time with her family, particularly her children.


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