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Carol Booth

A talented writer of songs, novels and freelance features, Carol M. Booth has garnered a laudable reputation alongside many of the most notable luminaries in the fields of art and entertainment. Born in Tennessee, she came of age in Louisiana, and eventually relocated to Texas and then back to her beloved Louisiana. During the 1970s and through the mid-1980s, Ms. Booth served as a public relations coordinator for McDonald’s after maintaining activity in advertising management and marketing for Liberty Vindicator. Between 1985 and 1989 and ongoing, she owned and operated Carol Marie’s Music, for whom she wrote and published many of her songs. Upon returning to Louisiana, she continued her own music demo studio in her home, where she continued working with music artists, some of whom have proceeded to lead successful careers in the industry with her help. Between 1988 and 1991, she worked as country singer Tim McGraw’s talent manager and launched his career

Ms. Booth has worked with several other country legends, including Conway Twitty and Marty Robbins. One of her songs, ‘Walk Under a Snake,” was also featured on American musician Freddy Fender’s “Texas Balladeer” album and many other artists have used her songs on successful albums. Ms. Booth has always been fascinated with life outside of the four walls. She loved unique life situations, whether it was regarding talented, struggling or unknown gifted artists.  She has always been drawn to unusual people, especially the “hard luck” artists who were trying to make it like she was. That is why she became known as an advocate for artists.

Ms. Booth began writing from an early age, partially as a way to distance herself from early traumas of child abuse. As a teenager, she began penning short stories, articles and poetry, and eventually wrote human interest stories, which made an impact in her community. Years later, she penned her first book, “The Atonement Child: A True Story of Surviving Childhood Abuse,” which is the true story of how she survived severe childhood abuse. Through her Christian faith, Ms. Booth overcame those events with forgiveness. She has since authored a second book in 2013, titled “Carol’s Mountain,” as well as other books in a series about the major phases of her intriguing positive focused life founded in her spiritual faith.

Ms. Booth graduated from Farmerville High School in Farmerville, Louisiana. She also undertook several college courses through Louisiana Technology University in English and literature, and studied creative writing for several summers at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. During the early stages of her career, Ms. Booth became a member of the North Louisiana branch of the National League of American Penwomen.

Deeply involved in her community, Ms. Booth is well-known for assisting talented writers and singers find their purpose and their place in the world. She has also established several writers’ and songwriter’s clubs. Ms. Booth has received dozens of writing awards for her creative writing, fiction and non-fiction, autobiographical works, and newspaper and magazine articles. A celebrated Marquis listee, she has been featured in the 17th edition of Who’s Who in the World.

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