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Sherrie Rose

Sherrie Rose has excelled as the chief legacy officer of Masterwork Ventures since 2021. Also a prolific writer, she is celebrated by her peers for her knowledge and credits her success to her perseverance, organizational skills, strategic thinking, methodical nature, and data-driven approach to her work. Diversified in her expertise, Ms. Rose has been a relationship investor and strategic relationship builder since 2001, a webinar coach with Love Success Co. since 2010, and an author with 21st Legacy since 2008.

In her career, Ms. Rose has also brought to bear her designation as a certified customer acquisition specialist, a critical credential issued to her in 2016 by DigitalMarketer via Credly by Pearson that “uniquely qualifies her to help brands and businesses leverage paid traffic channels such as Google, Facebook, and other. . . platforms to grow their customer base.” Similarly, as a member of the Internet Marketing Association, Ms. Rose helps leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals to grow their brands and begin shaping their legacies. Moreover, since 2022, she has been a volunteer and contributor with TEDxSanDiego, helping to organize the coveted events. She is also proud to have worked on a TEDx Talk event exclusively for women speakers with the goal of encouraging women to share their stories and own the spotlight.

A trusted authority and writer in her industry, Ms. Rose authored “Mastering the 5 Core Values: The YEARN Advantage” in 2023, “The Cocoon Conundrum: Breaking Out of Isolation into Liberation” in 2022, and “The Webinar Way: The Single, Most Effective Way to Promote Your Services, Drive Leads & Sell a Ton of Products” in 2018. She co-authored “Everyday Heroes 2: A Collection of Inspirational & Motivational Stories from Around the World” in 2017 and “Adventures in Manifesting: Love and Oneness” in 2012. Looking ahead, Ms. Rose plans to write four more books that she has outlined.

Recalling her beginnings, Ms. Rose first arrived in California in 1983 to work with the Olympics. She started in the data administration department and later became a protocol officer. She considers working with the Olympics and the World University Games, where she met then-Prince Charles and Princess Diana, to be among her most memorable and notable achievements. In her free time, Ms. Rose enjoys hiking, photography, yoga, exercising, spiritual practice, the theater, reading, and writing.


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