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Set in the knowledge that change is a constant in life, Sally Gallot-Reeves is always willing to accept new challenges. She initially chose a career in health care, and took on positions in hospitals that she knew would allow her to continue to learn and assist others in the delivery of care and services to patients. She became invested in the optimum care of patients and the support of team members, and wanted to find the best use of her abilities in the field. After garnering an abundance of nursing and nursing leadership experience, Ms. Gallot-Reeves began to notice that projects lacked the strategies and tools necessary for the most effective completion of objectives and transitions. She focused her efforts more on the project management side of the field, and eventually, Connect the Dots, LLC, was born.

Connect the Dots is a project management consulting company and monitoring website that operates with the mission of “promoting the growth and success of individuals and teams in health care.” They offer a variety of services designed to make the implementation and success of projects as easy as possible, including analysis, calculated adjustments, and advice on adherence to scope, cost, and quality. Ms. Gallot-Reeves parlays more than three decades of knowledge into her position as the executive director, and she is thrilled her work allows her to exercise her passion for assisting organizations with determining plans, processes, and improvements so that others can achieve their goals.

The biggest challenge Ms. Gallot-Reeves faced along the way was learning how to lead people to accept and prepare for change. This takes careful analysis, planning, and strategic communications, ensuring the logical next steps are visible to the team. She figured out that, although not everyone will like what’s happening, they will at least be able to understand the progression and see connect the needs with the goals. Ms. Gallot-Reeves attributes her success to her ability to see beyond herself to piece together solutions, especially when it comes to recognizing the strengths of each team members. She believes her greatest asset, however, is her communication skills—both the fine art of listening and the act of speaking in a way that conveys accuracy, thoroughness, and understanding.

Looking to the future, Ms. Gallot-Reeves intends to expand the Connect the Dots services and begin to work with other types of businesses. This would give her more opportunities to learn, grow, and share. She hopes to be remembered for being open to ideas and challenges, and for helping people maximize their potential.

When Ms. Gallot-Reeves isn’t working, she is enjoys creative writing, and loves to wordsmith. She has already published a book of poetry, “Between Shifts,” and is currently writing a children’s book featuring adventures with imaginary friends in elemental kingdoms. Further, Ms. Gallot-Reeves is a self-proclaimed fanatic flower gardener who creates spaces of sanctuary for birds and wildlife.

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