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Amanda Griggs

As a senior technical writer in the Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial Division of the multinational technology company Hexagon AB, Amanda Davis Griggs is an expert at guiding others through and simplifying complex concepts, step-by-step. With a strong background in education, she writes manuals, training exercises, and necessary materials that help explain to clients how to use specific software. Ms. Griggs recalled that, during her career, she met many colleagues who knew from the start of their own journeys that they wanted to become technical writers. Having followed a different path, starting with her teaching experience, she believes she has keen insight into those readers who may have zero knowledge about a topic. This gives Ms. Griggs an edge in better understanding her audience and creating documents that are easy for novices to digest.

Prior to joining Hexagon AB in 2022, Ms. Griggs held other key technical writer positions at NTS and Enlogica Solutions. Working in the education sector beforehand, she was an instructor who taught distance learning and then English at Pensacola Christian College, where she also was an English graduate teaching assistant. Earlier, Ms. Griggs was a high school English teacher at Wilmington Christian Academy and a management graduate assistant at Bob Jones University. Laying a strong educational foundation for herself leading to her careers, she earned a Master of Science in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis on English and a Bachelor of Science in English education, both from Pensacola Christian College.

Ms. Griggs prides herself on being a continuous learner who greatly values new opportunities as well as her willingness to put forth the effort to acquire additional skills using a variety of trusted electronic and traditional information sources. At Hexagon AB, she is learning how to administer a conference website and plans to become certified in this endeavor by taking the required credential exam by the end of 2023.

Ms. Griggs is married to Jonathan Griggs, a construction inspector and quality control professional, and often spends her personal time reading and enjoying her dogs Chunky and Aello.  She gives back to her community and fosters dogs through volunteering with A New Leash on Life.


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