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Sabina Gordeuk

Sabina Grozdanic Gordeuk is an esteemed professional in the mortgage lending industry, and, since 2009, has been the chief executive officer of MSF Lending – Mortgage Solution Finders Inc. The company helps clients find the best home financing solution for their individual financial situation while working in accordance with their goals. Alongside this position, Ms. Gordeuk has employed her financial expertise as the founder and owner of her firm, Sabina Tax Preparation Services LLC, since 2007. From 2004 to 2017, she additionally served as the company president. For her achievements as a financial planning, mortgage, and tax professional, she was listed among Top 100 Magazine’s Top 100 People in Finance in 2019. Throughout her career, Ms. Gordeuk has put her clients’ needs first and made sure to always treat them with respect and care. She takes a comprehensive overview of their financial situation before suggesting any services.

Ms. Gordeuk credits her achievements to her unwavering commitment to continuous self-improvement and her persistent pursuit of professional development. Responsible for maintaining the businesses she serves, she works hard to ensure their compliance with regulations. She considers her most remarkable accomplishment to be her ability to balance her business endeavors while fulfilling her duties as a mother of two young twins.

In addition to these responsibilities, Ms. Gordeuk completed her master’s program in business, graduating in 2020 with a master’s degree in business management from the Jack Welch Management Institute in Virginia. Prior to achieving this degree, she studied at the University of Sarajevo, a public university located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and she earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and government in 1988. In 1989, Ms. Gordeuk graduated from the same institution with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. With multiple professional certifications alongside her degrees, she completed the Harvard Business School online global business certificate program in 2019. Four years later, she earned a certificate in financial planning and services from The American College of Financial Services.

Beginning her career as an account executive with Diversified Financial Concepts in 1997, Ms. Gordeuk became a founding member of the Allegiance Financial Group LLC in 2001, where she remained until 2004. As a financial planning professional, she recognized the potential for a diversified financial services business, which included mortgage lending. She capitalized on a niche in the market during a period when the mortgage industry was thriving and ventured out on her own. As a testament to her work ethic, leadership, and organizational skills, Ms. Gordeuk excels at managing multiple priorities and commitments. Looking forward, she aims to establish a new regime in the mortgage environment in which all mortgage lenders are also certified mortgage advisers. This would elevate the level of knowledge and care they bring to their work and ideally spread to the rest of her industry. Even now, after decades of experience, Ms. Gordeuk is an innovator committed to promoting excellence in her profession.

Motivated by a perpetual desire for growth and self-development, Ms. Gordeuk is a passionate entrepreneur. When she became a mother, she realized she wanted to serve as a role model for her children and establish a solid financial foundation to secure their futures. She considers her education to be her greatest career achievement, as her knowledge and experience would enable her to find success in any business. Ms. Gordeuk is proud to leave her clients impressed with the level of service she offers. In the coming years, she hopes to see her plans come to fruition and witness a shift in the landscape of the mortgage lending industry. By building a team of mortgage lenders who are also certified mortgage advisers, she hopes to raise the bar for expertise in her field.


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