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Regan Choi

Regan Choi, PhD, is a second-generation acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medicine practitioner working in private practice. Inspired by her mother’s acupuncture practice, Dr. Choi developed an interest in the opportunities afforded by holistic and complementary medicine to address chronic health issues that remained unresolved by treatments from Western medicine. Her practice specializes in pediatric acupuncture and acupressure with an emphasis on helping patients manage symptoms of ADHD, learning disabilities and autism spectrum diagnoses. Dr. Choi is passionate about offering acupuncture to juvenile patients, and loves working directly with children and youth, describing appointments as “more like playtime” than a treatment. In addition to traditional acupuncture treatments, she is highly trained in non-needle therapies and other noninvasive techniques best suited for pediatric patients.

Dr. Choi co-founded her practice, AcuBay Clinic, in 2014. AcuBay Clinic maintains locations in Campbell and Morgan Hill, California, offering patients of all ages treatment plans for pain management, recovery from labor and delivery, fertility, weight loss and anti-aging, and maintenance of neurological conditions such as ADHD. She sees patients both locations, Campbell and Morgan Hill, in addition to overseeing the practice’s growth, financial administration and compliance procedures. She hopes to promote the use of acupuncture and other alternative therapies in treating chronic childhood conditions.

She continued her education with a focus in complementary medicine, studying at the University of East-West Medicine, where she was awarded a Master of Science in traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese herbology in 2017. In 2020, Dr. Choi completed a Doctor of Philosophy in acupuncture and Oriental medicine at Five Branches University. She is credentialed by the California Acupuncture Board and board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. In 2022, she is trying to provide continuing education for providers at AcuIQ International.

In the course of her practice, Dr. Choi conducts case studies and clinical research, and she is passionate about helping expand the use of acupuncture as a preventive medicine strategy and as a complement to treatments in the Western medicine playbook. She considers the establishment of her practice to be the highlight of her career and is proud to be able to help children and families connect with health care that supports their needs and allows them to reach their full potential. Dr. Choi hopes to be able to continue to work with pediatric patients and to help address a range of childhood medical issues in a noninvasive way while working collaboratively with families. She is fluent in Korean and English, allowing her to serve a broad patient community and to connect with patient populations who may otherwise remain underserved by Western medicine providers.

Dr. Choi credits her success to the support and inspiration of her family, and to their encouragement throughout her professional and entrepreneurial development process. She counsels others entering the field to remain dedicated to continuing education and to keep an open mind about the possibilities that exist in their practice and a commitment to growth. Dr. Choi looks forward to continuing her own professional study and adding to the body of knowledge about traditional Chinese medicine through case studies and papers.


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