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Lauren Bogle

With a Bachelor of Science in agricultural communications from Texas Tech University, Lauren Bogle initially began her career in broadcast journalism with Fox and PBS. After realizing that digital media would soon disrupt the traditional broadcasting business model, she transitioned toward advertising in order to pursue a more sustainable career. Ms. Bogle worked as a social media content manager for 2930 Creative and as a social media specialist with Warren Douglas Advertising. In 2017, she established the Bogle Agency.

As the owner of her current agency, Ms. Bogle specializes in advertising, integrating digital strategies and videography. She oversees company social media, overall strategy and employee management, as well as accounting duties. As a leader, she takes pride in executing strategies for client social media accounts and ensuring that clients are on the forefront of the local advertising scene. Ms. Bogle remains aware of changing algorithms, viral trends and emerging media platforms on a daily basis, consistently observant of the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

Most recently, for her advertising efforts, Ms. Bogle was bestowed with the American Advertising Award. For her work in broadcasting, she was continuously recognized for her achievements. Ms. Bogle was nominated for an Emmy Award for producing and reporting, and received the National Association of Farm Broadcasting scholarship, the W.F. Bennett Ambassadors for Agriculture Scholarship, and the L.M. Hargrave and T.L. Leach Scholarship. Most recently, she received the American Advertising Award in 2020.

Throughout the length of her career, Ms. Bogle has been most proud of the relationships she has forged, grateful for the support she needed to rise to the next professional level. She has attributed her professional success to her faith and the lessons she has learned in life. Seeing those around her light up, she considers herself a glorified coach and she loves that because that has always been the best job she ever had. She likes to understand what makes people tick and motivate them to bring out the best in them, and to dream big and be fearless in their personal and professional pursuit. In addition, her parents raised her to be self-reliant. Looking toward the future, Ms. Bogle aspires to continue her business. She sees herself coaching more people internally while her team grows and having more public speaking opportunities. Her motto is to “work smarter, not harder.”

What separates Ms. Bogle from others in the industry is that she adapts and evolves, and her career is a constant work in progress. She learns from mentors in other industries that one might not even consider applicable at first, but she has still found guidance and direction from them. Remaining humble, she finds strength in vulnerability and she thinks that what keeps her business innovative. Ms. Bogle advises others to not put their own self-worth in other people or jobs, remembering to keep your identity separate.

Ms. Bogle grew up with two younger sisters and learned to be resourceful by her upbringing. She believes in “trial by fire,” crediting her parents in teaching her to think outside of the box. Naturally, she is a strong-willed person with intestinal fortitude. If Ms. Bogle had any advice for young women desiring to go into her field, she would tell them to think multi-dimensionally, define your own self and combat stereotypes; do not let the challenges of the world put more weight into your individual narrative.

Ms. Bogle thinks a big part of what she has taken away from running this business is how trustworthy she is and that she needed to be her strongest advocate. That being said, she tries to see the good in people while still putting herself first, being careful to not spread herself too thin. In her spare time, Ms. Bogle cares for her two dogs, a corgi named Bruno – named after the singer Bruno Mars – and a chocolate Labrador retriever named Maggie Mae. She enjoys watching sports and concerts, attending church and playing the piano.


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