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A distinguished real estate professional who has accrued more than 15 years of industry knowledge, Onessa Tucker has found success with Fathom Realty, a real estate company based in the Southeast United States. In this capacity, she focuses her efforts on educating and guiding her clients to the best possible properties in their community, serving the Chester, South Carolina, area. Specializing in refinancing and residential mortgages, she has also worked with clients outside of South Carolina, in the neighboring states of North Carolina and Georgia.

Ms. Tucker gained her first year of real estate experience working as a realtor for Wilkerson & Associates in North Carolina in 2006. She was inspired to enter the field by her husband, who is a well-respected mortgage broker. She had previously helped him grow his clientele with her network, which led to many people encouraging her to become a realtor herself. In addition, Ms. Tucker’s father is also related to the industry, having been a contractor with multiple homes and apartments he rented out. Given her early exposure to the field and its benefits to the community, she feels lucky to have had two pivotal figures in her life guide her toward her vocation.

Reflecting on her career thus far, Ms. Tucker considers her most notable achievement to be her network marketing. Likewise, she takes great pride in touching people’s lives and showing them exactly where their needs fall, along with helping them to find their forever homes. For her, just sitting down with her clients, educating them, and ensuring that they have the proper knowledge and tools to make a significant life decision is a task that she feels honored to do. Ms. Tucker has been the recipient of multiple positive reviews from current and former clients. Such online reviews state, “Onessa and I have worked together on several real estate deals, and she is very good. She is prompt and detail oriented and knows how to get it done” and “She is the best.”

Ms. Tucker attributes her vast success to her love of people and her genuine passion for helping others. Having always felt drawn to a life of service, she credits her grandfather as one of the inspirations and greatest influences that drew her toward this kind of life. As the Fathom Realty motto states, “Whoever wants to be great must become a servant.” Likewise, working in hospitality for several years also helped her succeed in this regard.

Prior to delving into the real estate realm, Ms. Tucker excelled as a patient service coordinator for Novant Health for 16 years. Before embarking on her professional journey, she studied criminal justice and corrections at the University of South Carolina. Within the coming years, Ms. Tucker intends to continue her work as a realtor, as she remains passionate about interacting with people and helping them as best as possible.

A distinguished Marquis listee, Ms. Tucker enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends in her spare time. She currently resides in Chester, South Carolina.

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