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First obtaining licensure as a practical nurse from Triton College, Nancy J. Wallace has spent over 45 years as an intuitive life coach, author, and radio and TV host. In 2016, she published the book, “Raised by Angels.” Still dedicated to helping people move through life, she has brought her expertise in life coaching, education and nonprofits to A Child’s Miracle Mind, a nonprofit focused on children’s rights and special education, as the founder and chief executive officer. Through A Child’s Miracle Mind, she worked to establish the School of Now, which was created in response to witnessing her granddaughter’s less than ideal experience at a Montessori school. While the primary focus of the School of Now is education for children, Ms. Wallace also plans to set up a night school for adults.

Looking toward the future, Ms. Wallace hopes to raise funds to build additional schools around the world under the umbrella of School of Now. Her current projects include Dine With a Star and Village of Now, which she hopes to launch in the near future. In addition, she plans to be retired from her primary career as a life coach in the next five years in order to focus all of her work on A Child’s Miracle Mind. Having accomplished much over the course of her career, Ms. Wallace is incredibly proud to have helped more than 1,300 people from all over the world through her world as a life coach and attributes much of her success to her honesty, integrity, and love for her fellow human beings.

Furthermore, Ms. Wallace considers the highlight of her life to be her beautiful daughter, Tracie Timme, who is an accomplished psychologist and holds three degrees in the field. She is also a doting grandmother to the aforementioned granddaughter, Taylor Timme, now a student at the University of Nevada. In her free time, Ms. Wallace enjoys spending time with her family.


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