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Driven by a strong internal sense of what she wanted to do, Nancy Lee Bentley has spent more than 50 years as an organizer, consultant, speaker, author, coach and private chef. First earning a Bachelor of Science in food, nutrition and communication from Cornell University in 1968, she has been dedicated to supporting the food community from the start. One of her early endeavors saw her providing food to attendees and performers alike at the iconic Woodstock Music and Art Fair in 1969. Over the course of her career, she has worked with numerous organizations, pioneering organic food everywhere she went. She was a founding organizer and member of the Organic Trade Association, an organizing member for the Organic Farming Research Foundation, and the first consultant for the organic certification programs for Quality Assurance International and the Organic Crop Improvement Organization.

Furthering her expertise, Ms. Bentley earned a master’s degree in adult and community education from the City College of New York, which gave her the skills she needed to excel as a health food educator. An expert in gut health, her work has encompassed agriculture, community health, sanitation, environmental health, and more. She has contributed to a wide range of articles that have been featured in trade and consumer publications, portals and on various websites. Furthermore, in 2008, she authored “Truly Cultured: Rejuvenating Taste, Health and Community with Naturally Fermented Foods,” which was followed in 2010 with “Dr. Mercola’s Total Health Program: The Proven Plan to Prevent Disease and Premature Aging, Optimize Weight and Live Longer!” which she co-authored alongside the titular author, Dr. Joseph Mercola.

In 2018, Ms. Bentley established The Food Circle, LLC, where she offers her expertise as a food and holistic health expert. Through The Food Circle, she offers classes on healthy cooking as well as private chef services. Her ultimate goal is to create a community around the enjoyment and appreciation of healthy food. As a testament to her excellence, she has been sought after by several high-profile individuals, such as Cher and Prince, and featured as a celebrity expert on news channels, websites and radio programs. Also listed in 2000 Notable American Women, she considers the highlight of her career to be having worked in almost every facet of the food industry. As she looks toward the future, Ms. Bentley hopes to continue growing a healthy food community through The Food Circle and proffer her expertise through work as a speaker in a variety of venues.


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