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A seasoned real estate broker in the Greenwich, Connecticut, area for more than two decades, Nance Lynch Minchin recently retired from her role with Sotheby’s. She became involved in her profession since her children were of age and it allowed her the freedom to pursue a real estate license. Before joining the real estate conglomerate, she gained valuable expertise with David Ogilvy & Associates and Sally O’Brian Associates Real Estate Firm. Throughout the course of her professional journey, Ms. Minchin successfully orchestrated a wide range of deals utilizing her personal knowledge of the area and her vast network of attorneys, mortgage brokers, home inspectors and contractors.

During an earlier stage of her career, Ms. Minchin maintained involvement with Lord and Taylor, where she maintained responsibility for training executives and sales associates, as well as systems implementation. She worked in the same capacity on behalf of Young and Rubicam in the Television and Radio Department. Prior to settling down in the Greenwich area to raise her three children alongside her husband Hank, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in general studies from Marymount College in 1963. In the ensuing years, Ms. Minchin has maintained her affiliation with the Junior League of Greenwich, the Riverside Yacht Club, the Loblolly Country Club and the Greenwich Country Club.

A champion of her community, Ms. Minchin has also contributed as a Sunday school teacher with Saint Michael’s, and as an active member of Love and Hope in Action. Further fostering her love of real estate, she enjoys renovating and decorating homes during her spare time. Though her career has been suffused with highlights, Ms. Minchin is especially proud to have helped inexperienced buyers during their transactions.

The advice that Ms. Minchin offers to fellow members aspiring to work in the field would be remaining positive, loyal and dedicated to the task at-hand. Additionally, she advises individuals to remain loyal to regular clients and remaining diplomatic in tough situations. Ms. Minchin attributes her success to her integrity and optimistic mindset. Additionally, she feels that her marriage has played a role in her happiness and success in the field. Looking toward the future, she intends to relocate to Loblolly and ensure that every day is meaningful.


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