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After receiving an associate’s degree from the American Institute of Paralegal Studies, Teresa C. Dempsey became involved with lending services in real estate. Beginning her career as a new home sales consultant, she advanced to the role of a sales manager and the vice president of sales and marketing. She eventually developed and came to helm a successful sales team, which she led to their biggest year in the history of their business. Following the devastation of the economic recession, Ms. Dempsey and her husband established Dempsey Group Realty. She later earned a real estate broker’s license in order to handle home loans. Presently, she excels as a loan officer and president of BNI, Power Professionals of Queen Creek.

As a dedicated loan officer with expertise in residential lending, Ms. Dempsey maintains responsibility for increasing mortgage loan portfolios, completing mortgage loan processing and closing, and many other aspects on the lending process. She employs communication, follow-up, marketing and networking strategies in her business to provide personalized service to clients. In addition, Ms. Dempsey connects with local associations to promote products and services.

Outside of her professional life, Ms. Dempsey is the first vice president for the Desert Cancer Foundation of Arizona (DCFA). The DCFA’s mission is to provide cancer education, access to lifesaving screenings, and secure treatment resources for the uninsured and underinsured in Arizona. This starts with providing about 300 free mammograms each year to people who otherwise would not have screening. Ms. Dempsey is proud to serve on the board of directors for this incredible nonprofit.

As a respected voice in her field, Ms. Dempsey has offered real estate commentaries to articles and blog in the field. For her efforts in the field, she received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Home Builders Association of Central Arizona. She has attributed her professional success to a mentor who guided her into the real estate business. In recent years, Ms. Dempsey has stridently remained positive throughout difficult social and economic times. Looking toward the future, she aspires to become more independent. Outside of her professional circles, she would also like to perform more charitable work.

Ms. Dempsey is honored to lead a successful group of business professionals in weekly networking. Their BNI chapter has generated over $2.3 million in closed business in the past year. She felt very strongly about positivity and in these difficult times, there were so many stressful things happening in so many different segments of society such as in health, socializing and economics, and it was easy for people to be discouraged with today’s events. Ms. Dempsey wants people to know that we have to make a strong effort to promote positivity and support one another because it was the only way to get through this together.


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