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Evelyn Torres-Gomez

Although thought leaders are not born overnight, some business leaders like Evelyn Torres-Gomez are born with fine wit, a love of innovation and technology, and, of course, an insatiable curiosity that leads to disruptive greatness. She is adept at understanding problems and coming up with creative solutions. She wanted to be able to do something in her career that would disrupt the telecom marketplace and create change. She has always been attracted to technology. Since 2010, Ms. Torres-Gomez has been the chief executive officer of Solaris Technologies Services, LLC, a Texas-based mobile tower manufacturer. The company is a premier partner of Garrett Metal Detectors and with solid ties to big organizations such as T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, the U.S. Army, Lockheed Martin and Dow Chemical Company.

Ms. Torres-Gomez began her professional career as a product manager at Novation in 1992, remaining in this role for eight years before becoming solutions marking manager at Nokia Siemens Networks – USA from 1999 to 2003. During this time, she served Nokia Siemens Networks as head of the Latin America Infrastructure Division from 2003 to 2007, where her team was credited with making the first GSM network and conducting the first GSM mobile phone call in Central America.

Prior to the start of her career, Ms. Torres-Gomez pursued a formal education at LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas, where she attained a Bachelor of Science in business management and a minor in marketing in 1996. Additionally, she has been PMI certified since 2007. A member on the board of engineering with the University of Texas at Arlington, Ms. Torres-Gomez serves as a volunteer judge and a mentor for STEM Girls of Wylie. In this role, she works with young girls and women who are interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to promote female higher education in engineering and technology fields. Her desire is to give women the ability to thrive in technology and become innovators.

Ms. Torres-Gomez maintains involvement with numerous organizations related to her field. She is affiliated with the Women in Manufacturing Institute. In light of her myriad of accomplishments, Ms. Torres-Gomez was given the STEP AHEAD Award by the Manufacturing Institute for Best Manufacturing Practice. Additionally, she was the recipient of the Quality & Excellence Award given by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. In 2020, she was a finalist in the DCEO Innovation Awards for the innovation in manufacturing category and her company has been listed as a D500 Leading Business for the past five consecutive years.

Ms. Torres-Gomez attributes her success to her passion for technology and innovation. Moving forward, she hopes to help her customers dive into the next evolution of technology and infrastructure, while challenging the telecom industry to create solutions that solve problems.


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