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Michelle Davis

Michelle Renee Davis sought to enter the field of behavioral therapy from a formative age, having been raised in a tumultuous environment that allowed her to develop her own sense of personal integrity and grit. Desiring to provide greater access to services to those in need at affordable costs, she endeavored to become a counselor. Ms. Davis attended the Community College of Philadelphia, graduating with an Associate of Arts and Sciences in behavioral sciences in 2009. Subsequently, she earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in substance abuse and addiction counseling from Drexel University in 2011 and a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Eastern University in 2018.

A licensed professional counselor through the Board of Social Work since 2021, Ms. Davis is also a national certified counselor. At the onset of her career in 2018, she served as a mental health therapist for Basic Bliss Life Coaching and Counseling, LLC, in Wayne, Pennsylvania, until 2022. Since then, she has excelled as the founder of Where Faith Meets Mental Health, a Philadelphia-based private therapy practice. As a psychotherapist, Ms. Davis has focused much of her attention on caring for individuals who have undergone trauma as well as providing therapeutic services for the disabled population and those struggling with mental health conditions in their employment.

Ms. Davis and her team at Where Faith Meets Mental Health seek to prepare and inform prospective clients in person and on their website about their commitment to applying their collective counseling experience to assist individuals with addictions, depression, trauma, and anxiety. They help individuals in their darkest moments to return to their normal level of functioning and integrate their spirituality into their treatment. The practice offers psychotherapeutic sessions carried out only by skilled clinicians—psychotherapists who are mental health professionals with years of formal education and at least 3000 hours of supervised clinical training. In addition, separately, Where Faith Meets Mental Health provides life coaching, before which clients are assessed, and the coach works with them to identify a personalized treatment plan and goals. Overall, Ms. Davis and her team are dedicated to assisting clients with healing, energizing, and becoming aware of their inner strengths. They aim to directly support individuals and families by building communities as well as offering training and consultation to therapists.

In her practice, Ms. Davis uses evidence-based techniques when providing addiction counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, couples counseling, harm reduction therapy, holistic therapy, motivational interviewing, the person-centered approach, solution-focused brief therapy, trauma-informed interventions, and the psychodynamic approach. To remain abreast of developments in her field, she maintains an active affiliation with the National Counseling Association. Attributing a great deal of her success to her natural ability to persevere amid adversity, she has overcome trauma and challenges throughout her personal and professional life. Likewise, in accounting for her accomplishments, she credits her astute ability to listen – a skill that is integral to her profession in behavioral health.

Living and working by the phrase, “Behaviors are just stories that cannot be voiced,” Ms. Davis intends to expand her private practice in the forthcoming years. To this end, she aims to hire more clinicians to provide accessible treatment services to more clients in her region and establish several houses in Philadelphia where clients may reside as part of their recovery process. Moreover, Ms. Davis would like to provide workshops for adolescents to learn about substance use with their peers in an effort to mitigate substance abuse and addiction.

Ms. Davis is the proud mother of two children, Isa and Eli, with whom she enjoys spending quality time. Outside of work, she likes watching movies at a movie theater and taking part in helicopter rides.


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