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Angelene Vinson

Angelene McCoy Vinson, BS, has excelled as the owner and operations manager for AA&G Group Homes, LLC since she joined the company in 2005. Through AA&G Group Homes, Mrs. Vinson and her team provide care to intellectually disabled individuals who require either additional support throughout the day or 24-hour care. She splits her time between her home office and the primary office and continues to ensure that everything is running smoothly as she and her team provide support services to group homes, which are active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and work one-on-one with intellectually disabled individuals to help them learn money management skills and how to be careful buyers. In 2019, Mrs. Vinson brought AA&G Group Homes to a new office building, when she purchased an empty building that had previously housed a library.

In addition to the company’s front-end work, Mrs. Vinson is also responsible for overseeing all of their internal processes. She regularly meets with banking officers and accountants and conducts weekly management meetings. Her various duties also see her in charge of ensuring that all human resources personnel receive the appropriate training and coordinating with their accountant concerning the quarterly reports. AA&G Group Homes was originally founded by Mrs. Vinson’s mother, Gwendolyn McCoy, who was a social worker, and Mrs. Vinson is deeply proud to be able to keep the company going as a family business and currently works alongside her sister, Mrs. Armethia Holt, and several other family members.

In addition to her tenure with AA&G Group Homes, Mrs. Vinson cultivated her skills in business management, finance, human resources and property management through time spent with an internet company as well as her ongoing work as the owner of Angelene Properties, a real estate firm. Not initially imagining she would have a career in home care, she was inspired to the field following six months spent working for a counseling office that specialized in treating developmentally disabled children. Furthermore, Mrs. Vinson’s expertise is backed up by her Bachelor of Science in business management, which she achieved from her local state university after a 17-year gap in her studies. She cites the completion of her degree as her greatest professional achievement to date.

When she is not working, Mrs. Vinson has involved herself in a variety of other professional and civic endeavors. Most notably, she is a regular donor to a children’s hospital that provides treatments for pediatric cancer patients. She hopes to leave a legacy as a person that truly cares and gives back to her community. Born in Portsmouth, Virginia, to father Winston McCoy and mother Gwendolyn McCoy, Mrs. Vinson has been married to her husband, Corey Vinson, for many happy years and is herself the proud mother of one daughter, Zion McCoy, who is currently working on a master’s degree in microbiology. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, traveling, reading and spending time with her family.

Mrs. Vinson attributes much of the success that she has achieved over the years to word-of-mouth advertising and having existed as a business for more than a decade and a half, which has garnered a sense of trust and stability. Making a name for herself through her drive and determination, she considers the most important lesson that she has learned over the years to simply be the importance of treating other people with empathy. Looking toward the future, Mrs. Vinson hopes to continue on with AA&G Group Homes for as long as she is able and to expand Angelene Properties.


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