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Annabelle Westley

Annabelle Westley, a certified journeyman farrier (CJF), is an accomplished equine professional. With expertise in shoeing horses, blacksmithing, and hoof trimming, she is also experienced in equine therapeutic work. Ms. Westley trims and balances the equine foot and ensures horses are healthy and happy. She works with horses from all walks of life, including work horses, show horses, pleasure horses, pet horses, and more. In the course of her day-to-day duties, she works closely with veterinarians to coordinate therapeutic care for horses, including treating injuries and nursing horses back to full health following illnesses and other issues.

As a member of the American Farrier’s Association and an officer in the Midwestern Farriers Association, Ms. Westley has employed her expertise as the owner of Timber Creek Forge and Farrier LLC since 2017. Established in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1971, The American Farrier’s Association is a nonprofit organization with members across the globe that exists to further professional development in the farrier profession. Before Ms. Westley owned her own business, she garnered experience with a local farrier company.

A CJF since 2016, Ms. Westley is highly qualified and experienced in her field. She completed coursework at the Five Star Horseshoeing School and secured certification as an approved tester with the American Farrier’s Association. To further her expertise, she completed a three-month cultural exchange training program with the American Farrier’s Association in the United Kingdom.

As a woman in a male-dominated field, Ms. Westley is an exceptional professional in multiple senses of the word. Notably, she is the first and only female to become a CJF in the state of Nebraska and is one of four Approved Testers in the state for the American Farriers Association. For her achievements as a professional farrier and business owner, Ms. Westley was featured in an article titled “Gender No Roadblock for Female Farrier” in the Scott County Record, a newspaper published in Scott City, Kansas, in 2022. During her professional experience, she contributed as a volunteer and auction donor at a therapeutic equine riding facility.

Ms. Westley’s love for horses has been a driving force in her life from a young age. Even as a child, she was certain she wanted to pursue a career that involved working closely with horses. Her first foray into the field involved working for a local farrier, where she gained early and immeasurable experience while she learned the business. When the farrier retired, Ms. Westley struck out on her own, establishing Timber Creek Forge and Farrier LLC. Her dedication, passion, and expertise in her field contribute to her esteemed reputation as a trusted and respected member of the equestrian community.

Attributing her success to her dedication to growth and professional development, Ms. Westley also credits her ability to collaborate with other professionals as an asset to her career achievements. She has built strong relationships with veterinarians and works closely with fellow farriers to develop a supportive, trusting community. Ms. Westley is always willing to help others. She believes her passion for all things farrier and equestrianism sets her apart from others in her field, as her job is more than a livelihood. To her, it’s a lifestyle.

Looking forward, Ms. Westley plans to continue doing what she loves and hopes to work with apprentices to contribute to the expansion of the profession. She is committed to her continuing career development and is working toward completing multiple equine therapy certifications. When she isn’t working with horses, Ms. Westley enjoys exploring and honing her blacksmithing expertise through artistic blacksmithing projects. She further develops and expresses her creativity by painting and sketching. In her spare time, she loves playing with her pets, including a dog and multiple donkeys.


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