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An expert in planning, allocating, forecasting, and training on testing and implementing the rollout of new systems, Angelica Podias has excelled as a project manager for JCPenney in Plano, Texas. In this role, she works to distribute apparel for women, men and children, shoes, jewelry, bed and bath products, window treatments, home furnishings and housewares internationally. Ms. Podias’ responsibilities include managing inventory, merchandising, forecasting future business, providing customer service, and managing operations and vendor relationships.

Ms. Podias is currently working with the RMS Oracle Solution for purchase order systems for the enterprise. As a business user, she was able to bring knowledge of what is needed for the e-commerce channel for purchase order creation, management of purchase orders and management of customers being put on backorder. She also works to detail requirements for purchase order applications. Furthermore, Ms. Podias assists in the RMS Oracle Solution for item application for both stores and e-commerce channels. She was involved in the requirements needed to support the e-commerce channel, and checking out and validating screen functionality in the RMS Item User interface screens.

Prior to the start of her professional career, Ms. Podias pursued a formal education at Fordham University, where she attained a bachelor’s degree in business economics and social sciences with a minor in business in 1978. Today, she maintains involvement with the Project Management Institute and the Philoptochos Women’s Philanthropic Society. In celebration of her many efforts, she was honored with an Outstanding Volunteer Award and Outstanding Leader Award, as well as the Green Angel and Heart of Gold Awards from the Girl Scouts of the United States of America.

To keep up with trends in her field, Ms. Podias frequently reads articles from BusinessWeek. She is the proud mother of one beautiful daughter, Christina, and has two sisters. Ms. Podias enjoys gardening, watching sports and volunteering in her spare time.


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