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Marcie Anderson

Marcie Regina Anderson knew from an early age that she would never be happy in a nine-to-five kind of career. She began her professional journey in India, living there for a decade and earning a Doctor of Philosophy in Eastern psychology and meditation under Swami Sri Kaleshwar. Taking a creative approach to her career, she is a certified coach for life mastery and a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor, as well as a licensed realtor in South Carolina and Florida. While Dr. Anderson didn’t originally intend to return to the United States or become a realtor, she greatly enjoys the opportunities both of her professions have given her to help others.

Today, Dr. Anderson is a realtor with the Realty One Group, working with Realty One Group Coastal in South Carolina and Realty One Group Innovation in Florida, where she specializes in relocation, first-time home buyers, and vacant land. Earlier in her career, she spent time as a realtor with the NV Realty Group and is particularly proud of achieving her realty license in South Carolina. To remain up to date with new developments in real estate, Dr. Anderson is an active member of the National Association of Realtors.

Attributing much of her success to her connection to God, her ability to trust herself, and the support, guidance, and friendship she has received over the years, Dr. Anderson holds considerable expertise in spiritual guidance and healing and life coaching. She offers her services as a coach for life mastery and yoga instructor through her eponymous company, Marcie Anderson Mastery. In these roles, Dr. Anderson helps clients achieve their goals and overcome limitations and fears to be the best people they can be, and she has made a name for herself with her focus on connecting with her clients and their hearts. In particular, she hopes to empower women in a way that helps them balance knowledge, tools, love, and receiving respect while understanding that they are beautiful, powerful, and amazing.

Dr. Anderson considers the highlight of her career to be writing her book, “Are We There Yet? Enlightenment for Busy People,” which was inspired by a healing session with one of her clients. She started writing the book on a yellow notepad and later created a complete outline. In the end, it took her just seven months to finish writing the book, and it was published by Balboa Press in 2017. Looking toward the future, Dr. Anderson intends to continue bringing her teachings and meditations to the hearts and lives of as many people as she can. She hopes to eventually acquire enough land to build a healing center where she can offer workshops and retreats for groups as well as potentially establish a spiritual school where people could connect.

In her personal life, Dr. Anderson is most proud of raising her daughter, Adi Shakpi, as a single mother while balancing successful careers in two industries. Living her life by the motto, “Life is short. Make it sweet,” she is continually motivated by the knowledge that where there is a problem, there must be a solution. If a person isn’t happy with a situation they were born into, it doesn’t mean they’re stuck that way forever. If a person has questions for which they don’t have answers, it doesn’t mean answers are not there. To that end, Dr. Anderson applies herself in every aspect of her life, from real estate to spirituality and meditation to leadership. When she isn’t working, she enjoys going to the beach to meditate and doing Pilates.


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