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Quynh-Tram Vu

Quynh-Tram Vu, the founder and president of Lash Pilot in Santa Monica, California, is an established entrepreneur and cosmetologist who established her most recent business in 2014. A talented eyelash and make-up artist, her salon focuses on providing clients with eyelash extensions, as well as enhancements, microblading and various other cosmetic styling procedures. Additionally, Lash Pilot serves as a school where aspiring individuals can take courses to become expert licensed eyelash extension stylists.

A seasoned professional in the cosmetic industry, Ms. Vu initially graduated from college and spent the first year of her career as an accountant for Lindquist LLP. Looking for more growth opportunity, she left the corporate realm and enrolled in courses at Paul Mitchell The School Costa Mesa. As she began developing her craft, Ms. Vu contacted Little Saigon TV to begin promoting herself.

Because of her experience as a freelance reporter for Little Saigon Radio while in college, Ms. Vu already had connections and ties to the media. Filming and broadcasting her own beauty show, she quickly became popular and was subsequently offered various other media related opportunities. After graduating from Paul Mitchell, Ms. Vu went into business for herself for the first time by forming QT Beauty Center in Garden Grove, California. She later established a second location, 95 Lash Salon, in Santa Monica. In addition to overseeing both salons, she spent several tax seasons helping her husband process tax returns for his clients at his office.

During the course of her career in cosmetology, Ms. Vu learned that there were very few salons in the area that focused on eyelash extensions and similar procedures. Resolving to sharpen her skills in this niche market, she eventually founded Lash Pilot, which is now a recognized leader in the industry. Because of her success, Ms. Vu intends to begin franchising her eyelash extension business throughout several other states across the country in the next few years.

Among Ms. Vu’s various roles in media, she served as a freelance reporter for the Vien Dong Daily News and Viet Tide weekly magazine. She was also a contributing editor and reporter for Viet Beauty Magazine, worked for the women’s section for Nguoi Viet Daily News, and served as a producer of the QT Beauty Show, which aired for two years on Little Saigon TV, and then six years on Saigon TV. In 2020, Ms. Vu received a Most Loved Business Award from the town of Santa Monica. She also earned a Recognition Award from the Assembly for her hard work as a refugee in the country.

A native of Vietnam, Ms. Vu initially studied imports and exports at the Foreign Trade University in Saigon. During her fourth year of college, however, she moved to the U.S. to seek political asylum in 2002. Transferring to California State University-Fullerton with the assistance of several academic scholarships, Ms. Vu earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting, with honors, despite having to work three jobs to help support her family.


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