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Maggie Castillo

Maggie Castillo believes she is living her best, blessed life. Partnering with her mother, Maggie Velasquez, and husband, Jose Castillo, the trio makes up Nova Era Realty Group, an organization licensed in Texas to sell real estate as part of Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Nova Era Realty Group defines itself as an organization that is committed to redefining real estate through empowerment, innovation, and integrity with the mantra, “Building Generational Wealth with a New Perspective.”

Taking pride in her profession and role as chief executive officer, Ms. Castillo is dedicated to empowering others to achieve their dreams by sharing her insights and expertise with individuals in the industry, as well as guiding her clients on a transformative journey toward building generational wealth and fostering a profound sense of legacy. When she is not in the office or in the field, Ms. Castillo is passionate about giving back to her community through various local initiatives and enjoys spending quality time with her family.

As winners of the Platinum Award from Keller Williams Houston Central and the Gold Award from Keller Williams Elite, Ms. Castillo and her partners focus on helping clients buy and sell residential real estate, as well as educating clients who are beginning to venture into the commercial market. With stellar assistance from her administrative staff, the team ensures high-quality service when showing homes to clients and guiding them through the buying and selling process. What makes Nova Era Realty Group unique in the marketplace, according to Ms. Castillo – further reinforcing her company’s motto and purpose – is that her team is committed to redefining real estate through empowerment, innovation, and integrity. Their personalized approach guides clients towards homeownership while building generational wealth and lasting legacies. Her team also stands out among the rest by empowering members of the Hispanic community through education and guidance, bringing reassurance to those who fear they may be taken advantage of.

Ms. Castillo attributes her success to her strong faith, passion, and grit. She communicates effectively with her family partners and team members, whom she helps to grow by providing them with the freedom and authority to be creative and take charge of their respective departments. As a working mother with a strong commitment to her family and three children, she is grateful for the unwavering support of her husband and mother.

Her faith and profession collided when Ms. Castillo recalled her most memorable moment, which seemed to occur out of nowhere: getting her first listing, which was worth $1 million. To Ms. Castillo, this listing was a reassurance that God was opening every door for her. This event also occurred during a very stressful time in her life, as she had just given birth to twins who spent time in the neonatal intensive care unit, and soon thereafter learned that her husband had lost his employment. Ms. Castillo pushed forward and successfully overcame every challenge for the sake of her family by leaning on the Lord and her loving husband, who was actually the first to suggest that she enter the world of real estate, knowing that it would be a perfect fit since she is extremely competitive.

Prior to her real estate career, Ms. Castillo worked in the dental field in Houston, Texas, as director of operations at Smilepoint Dental Group, an orthodontic practice, and as a treatment coordinator for Anna Munné, DDS. Setting a solid educational foundation, Ms. Castillo earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Houston, where she also completed dental hygienist coursework, and an Associate of Science from San Jacinto College in Pasadena, Texas.

In the following decade, Ms. Castillo plans to help grow her real estate organization with successful buyers’ agents and listing agents under one roof, where she can lead, teach, mentor, and continue to impact community growth. To everyone who wants to become a real estate professional, she advises them to have passion, persistence, and purpose. The key, she says, is having faith in oneself as well as writing down and staying committed to goals despite the inevitable hiccups, hurdles, rainy days, and financial problems.

Ultimately, Ms. Castillo wants to be remembered as a successful businesswoman and a supportive community leader who, through her resilience and determination, was able to inspire others to follow their dreams and achieve success.  Moving forward, she continues to focus on Nova Era’s vision of empowering clients toward homeownership, generational wealth, and lasting legacies through innovation, integrity, and community.


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