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Lee Grue

When Lee Meitzen Grue was young, she developed a profound connection to literature, particularly poetry. She fell in love with books like “The Golden Treasury” by Louis Undermyer, which was unique for its time because it featured female poets, and decided she wanted to contribute to the field herself. She proceeded to earn a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of New Orleans in 1963 and a Master of Fine Arts from Warren Wilson College in 1982. She also became a certified cosmetologist in the state of Louisiana.

Seeking to share her passion and knowledge with others, Ms. Grue founded the New Orleans Poetry Forum in 1972. The group brought in all types of writers, including a lot of women, and quite few have gone on to become well-known poets. Ms. Grue served as the director of the forum until 1990. She has also garnered experience as a visiting writer at Tulane University and as the editor of the New Laurel Review. Her writing credits include “French Quarter Poems,” “In the Sweet Balance of the Flesh,” “Goodbye, Silver, Silver Cloud,” “Blood at the Root,” and “Mending from Memories.”

In recognition of her hard work and dedication, Ms. Grue received numerous accolades over the years. Some notable ones include the Poetry and Short Story Award from the Deep South Writer Association, the Syndicated Fiction Award from PEN, and a grant from the National Education Association. She also obtained fellowships at the Virginia Center of Creative Arts, the National Education Association, the Newcomb Center for Research on Women, and the Ledig House.

When Ms. Grue has spare time, she enjoys swimming, traveling, yoga, and jazz history.

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