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Lori Tyler

With a background as an educator, Lori Tyler has been the president and owner of Lori Tyler & Associates (LTA), a content development company specializing in educational content, since 2000. LTA’s services include all aspects of educational content development.

In 2017, Ms. Tyler began collaborating with Perci LLC. This partnership developed into Malcak, Tyler & Associates (MTA), which today is a premier creator of learning resources for students of all ages. MTA partners with publishers, educational institutions, government agencies, health care organizations, and other businesses to create various types of training materials. MTA’s team includes over 500 experts. From concept to development, MTA provides assistance. Writers, editors, project managers, and instructional designers are examples of associates on MTA’s team. 

Ms. Tyler has excelled as an education and publishing specialist since 1990. Over the course of her career, she has lent her expertise to various publishers, including Cengage Learning, Pearson Publishing, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Elsevier and FA Davis. She also spent time as a project manager for Quantum Integration, Inc. Earlier in her career, Ms. Tyler excelled as an educator in both for-profit and nonprofit higher education institutions. During her time as an educator, Ms. Tyler held various positions including professor, program chair and academic dean. 

An accomplished professional, Ms. Tyler has authored nine textbooks and contributed to numerous other professional publications. The textbooks she has been involved in have gone on to receive multiple editions. She also has traveled around the United States conducting workshops and advising colleges, universities and other educational institutions on program development and accreditation. Prior to embarking on her career, Ms. Tyler earned a Bachelor of Arts in English at Andrews University and a Master of Science in project management from Denver Technical College.

Ms. Tyler stands out in the publishing field due to her background in education. As a result of her seeing first-hand how the quality of teaching and learning tools impacts the learning experience, Ms. Tyler was motivated to become involved in the creation of high-quality educational content. For her early efforts in the classroom, she received multiple honors as Best Educator. Beyond this, Ms. Tyler considers the highlight of her career to be having a successful company that truly makes a difference in the lives of learners.

Looking toward the future, Ms. Tyler intends to continue on as she has for the past two decades, growing and finding more clients and opportunities to benefit the field of education. She is incredibly proud of what she has accomplished over the course of her career. Active in her community as well, Ms. Tyler participates in Alzheimer’s and ALS walks and donates to Paws for Home. She has a great love of dogs. Her three dogs, Ina, Bubba and Nico, provide pure joy.


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