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Gail Notestine

Gail Elizabeth Notestine is a celebrated author of multiple published titles. Among her works are the “The Adventures of Molly and Grainne” series, “Hurricane Sharon,” “In the Shadow of the Sun,” and “My Human, My Slave.” She has published books under multiple pen names, including Elizabeth Aaron, Echo Bird, and Dustbunny Too. A highly determined person, Ms. Notestine attributes her success to her unyielding perseverance and dedication. She has achieved considerable recognition for her writings, particularly for her “The Adventures of Molly and Grainne” series, and takes pride in providing enjoyment and entertainment to her readers. The aforementioned series includes “The Seven Foot Long Dog,” “Cowboy Tails,” “Jingle in the Jungle,” and “Olé Molé: A Molly and Grainne Story.” The most recent installment in the series, “Mystery Key: The Adventures of Molly and Grainne,” was released in December 2023.

Though her readers are mostly children, Ms. Notestine has a significant adult following. Looking toward the future, she plans to gradually shift her focus toward writing for a young adult audience, though she is working on releasing a series targeted at early readers. In addition, Ms. Notestine hopes to revisit the roots of where her storytelling journey began by writing and publishing another book for an adult audience.

Prior to her literary success, Ms. Notestine led a varied career, serving as the president of a holding company, working as an oil and gas accountant, and co-owning a jewelry business. Among her endeavors, she developed an interest in tropical bird rescue and became fascinated with birds, researching their behaviors, mating habits, dietary needs, and socialization patterns. Ms. Notestine housed one of the last flocks of scarlet macaws and managed a parrot rescue business in Florida. Merging her passions, she has published several books on tropical birds.

Ms. Notestine is a native of Newark, New Jersey, and has lived in multiple states and countries throughout her life, including Texas, North Carolina, and Mexico. She now resides in the mountains of North Carolina and enjoys hiking and scuba diving. Extremely grateful for the life she has built for herself, Ms. Notestine relishes relaxing with her four dogs and sharing her perspective with others through her writing.


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