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Sandra MusseySandra Chadwick Mussey is an intuitive consultant and a national and international intuitional development trainer who has been active in her field for more than 30 years. Throughout the United States, she has facilitated three levels of intuitional development workshops, as well as ongoing Expressive Arts and Artist’s Way seminars. As a part of the international peace building process, she has facilitated over 40 trainings throughout Western and Eastern Europe between 1992 and 2012. Ms. Mussey maintains a private clientele throughout the United States, as well as in multiple other countries including Switzerland, France, England, Canada, Ireland, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro and Australia.

Ms. Mussey also works as a wedding officiant, who has been conducting ceremonies since 1997. In previous years, she taught English and art at Vallejo Junior High School in California. Furthermore, in 2012, she made appearances as an intuition trainer at the First International Summer Festival/Conference in Expressive Art Therapy in Moscow, after which she and her colleague, Dr. Mukti Khanna, co-facilitated a four-day post Expressive Art Therapy training at a retreat center two hours outside Moscow. Ms. Mussey was an honored speaker at the Russian Psychological Club in St. Petersburg, Russia, at the Spiritual Awareness Center in Bend, Oregon, and at the Grupa 484 Refugee Center in Belgrade, Serbia.

Since 1999, as part of her mission to serve the international peace and conflict resolution process, Ms. Mussey was invited by Steve Olweean, director of Common Bond Institute and co-founder of the Annual International Conferences on Conflict Resolution, to be a presenter of “Recovery of the Intuitive Heart: One Path to Personal & Global Healing” seminars at the seventh through ninth annual International Conflict Resolution (ICR) Conferences in St. Petersburg, and at the “Women at the Edge” International Women’s Leadership Conference in St. Petersburg. She has also provided her expertise as a humanitarian assistant at the Indo-Chinese Refugee Center at Hamilton Air Force Base. Moreover, Ms. Mussey has excelled as a trainer and a Crisis Hotline counselor at the Novato Human Needs Center in Marin County, California.

Beyond her primary responsibilities, Ms. Mussey has taught drama at American Conservatory Theater’s Young Conservatory (ACT), an internationally recognized nonprofit professional theater training program for grade school students. She has personally trained in Dramatic Arts with Eric Morris, Lee Sankowich, Jeanne Shelton and Nancy White, and trained at ACT in San Francisco and at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, one of the oldest and most prestigious drama schools in the United Kingdom that provides training for film, television and theater. Interviewed on “Wisdom Radio” by Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, president of Intuition Network, by Dr. Marcia Emery on her “Voice America” – “The Partnership of Intuition and Dreams” program, and on Sonoma County Television, Ms. Mussey has appeared in several films and television projects.

The influences that have shaped Ms. Mussey’s career path were vast. Her parents were college sweethearts, who fell in love during their first year at university in 1916. Late in the summer of 1918, her father hiked alone, with a sprained ankle, across the Sierra Nevada Mountains from Nevada to California to ask her mother to marry him. Because of her parents’ 75-year love story, she grew up with an unshakable faith in deep and abiding love. Her highly ethical civil engineer father taught her to always value and honor the truth, and her very spiritual musician mother inspired her to care and have compassion for the suffering, yearnings and triumphs of the human journey. As the world raged with a far-off World War II, home, nature, garden, family and the Divine grounded Ms. Mussey’s own innocent childhood in the truth of the heart, which, in essence, is what divine intuitive guidance teaches us to honor, as we walk the sacred path of life and listen to the wisdom of our souls. She grew up thinking that we are all a part of a divine, universal human family on earth, all connected through the heart, needing protection for our vulnerability and encouragement for our gifts.

Thus, it has been a tremendous honor having Ms. Mussey’s own business as a national and international intuitive development trainer/intuitive consultant and expressive art facilitator, as it has also been a great honor serving true love as a ULC wedding officiant. It was also life changing being invited to be an intuitive development and expressive art trainer in Europe as part of the international peace and conflict resolution process, especially at the height of the Balkan Wars when international anguish was escalating due to the traumatic news of massive suffering during the ethnic conflicts tearing apart the former Yugoslavia.

Ms. Mussey obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of Redlands in 1964 and a secondary teaching credential from the University of California Berkeley in 1965. She trained professionally as an intuitive at Heartsong School of Expanded Perception with trainers, Theo Kuhlmann, Rick Stevens and Jean Moshofsky. She trained additionally with renowned intuitives, Anne Armstrong and Helen Palmer.  She is certified by Dr. Natalie Rogers in person-centered expressive arts therapy facilitation, certified by David Quigley in alchemical hypnotherapy, and licensed as a non-denominational minister and wedding officiant. She received training in conflict resolution with Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg and was formally Reiki trained by Reiki master, Ellen Kahne. Ms. Mussey has found success in her written works as well, contributing to AHP’s Perspectives Magazine, numerous journals and newspaper columns in relation to her areas of expertise.

A 2002 Temple Award nominee, for Creative Altruism, through the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Ms. Mussey was previously presented with a Kinship and Parental Stress Hotlines Adjective Award from NHNC in 1984. Likewise, she was presented with a Congressional Recognition Award by Hon. Barbara Boxer in 1984, and a Bronze Medal from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in 1974. A celebrated Marquis listee, Ms. Mussey has been featured in the 67th through 70th editions of Who’s Who in America and the 29th through 33rd editions of Who’s Who in the World.

Ms. Mussey’s work has never been a matter of “business as usual.” To her, her work has always been a matter of love and the creation of a soul family. Her profession has gifted her with 34 years of deep, intimate relationships, resulting in lifelong, close connections with many loved people in her global soul family. The open hearted, ongoing participation in the unfolding life journeys of her clients and students is the spiritual treasure resulting from the high responsibility of being a guide to others along the intuitive way. As an English major and one trained in classical theater, every person’s life journey is like a grand, unfolding piece of literature or art for her. Long-lasting intimate connections with national and international communications have continued for Ms. Mussey throughout many years through her consultations, seminars she has facilitated, long soulful e-mail exchanges, moving phone conversations, and many charming in- person visits or visits by Skype.

Ms. Mussey’s professional career has been an amazing, unexpected adventure; it has been a profound journey as an insightful guide and facilitator for countless souls, and a fascinating national and international travel adventure, living with and traveling with her hosts and organizers while being sensitively translated in seven countries throughout Europe. Ms. Mussey feels joy with the closeness and empathy that intimate heart consultations create and with the trust, laughter, and love that intuitive development and expressive art training brings. Loving and serving the truth of human heart creates a feeling of communion, and of being a part of a sweet and generous soul family. It is meaningful sharing in the life stories of her clients and students, hearing their growth within their family of origin, within their relationships or within their culture.

In seminars Ms. Mussey has facilitated, it has been her delight to offer a variety of empathic, humorous, and grounding exercises to create understanding and connection through deep sharing and spontaneous playfulness. It is a joy helping others retrieve their inner voice, access their unmet needs, unblock their stuck places, rediscover their forgotten dreams, retrieve their numbed out emotional depths and rediscover their balance, humor and vitality. Ms. Mussey’s wish is that everyone may find their freedom and radiate their beauty, while feeling empowered and supported to manifest their potential. She passionately loves following the unfolding life journeys of her clients and students throughout many years.


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