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An audiologist for more than a decade, Louise Loiselle is thriving as a senior clinical account manager at MED-EL. She started with the company, which offers cochlear implants, middle-ear implants, and non-surgical bone conduction implants, in 2006, and knows she is where she’s meant to be. Over the years, her responsibilities have come to include providing clinical and patient support and training audiologists on the software. Dr. Loiselle’s favorite part of the job is attending implant activations; she loves seeing the joy on people’s faces and knowing that she contributed to it. Although she is at an age where she could retire, she is enjoying her career too much to do so just yet.

Prior to current endeavors, Dr. Loiselle garnered much experience as a teacher for the hearing-impaired. She began with pre-school and upper elementary school students, and then became a parent-infant advisor. The latter involved making house visits and working directly with families, which really facilitated her desire to pursue audiology. Dr. Loiselle proceeded to obtain a master’s degree in audiology from Utah State University and a PhD with a focus on cochlear implants from Arizona State University. Her dissertation was “Using ILD or ITD cues for sound source localization and speech understanding in a complex listening environment by bilateral and hearing-preservation cochlear-implant listeners.” She received a research grant from the National Institutes of Health in 2011.

When Dr. Loiselle isn’t working, she enjoys reading, sailing, scuba diving, traveling with her family, and caring for her pets.


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