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Lindsay Kreps

Lindsay M. Kreps, MSN, APRN, FPN-C, was inspired to enter the field of health care as a result of watching her mother’s struggles with type one diabetes and her uncle’s experiences with schizophrenia. After earning an associate degree in nursing from Bethel College, she joined Chamberlain University, where she achieved a Bachelor of Science in nursing followed by a Master of Science in nursing. She has also been certified as an advanced practice registered nurse and a family nurse practitioner. In 2022, Ms. Kreps established Legacy Family Healthcare in honor of her family, where she serves as the owner, founder and sole nurse practitioner.

Legacy Family Healthcare operates on the direct primary care model, meaning that they eliminate the role of insurance by instead charging a direct membership fee. The membership fee covers all types of appointments offered, which range from 20 to 90 minutes, as well as a number of minor procedures. The only costs involved for members are for labs and medications, which are provided at a discounted, wholesale price. Services are available to those without a membership as well, and a full rate breakdown is available on the Legacy website. Since her practice is very new, Ms. Kreps is closely involved in their marketing and day-to-day business operations in addition to her work as a nurse practitioner, taking care of her patients and educating them about their results.

Having dreamed of opening her own practice since 2010, Ms. Kreps hopes that the direct primary care payment model will enable her to work more closely and form deeper connections with patients. Furthermore, direct primary care not only cuts out predatory insurance practices, but also allows patients to receive quicker care, since there is no longer a need to fight with insurance to cover necessary procedures and treatments. With a strong emphasis on preventative medicine, she focuses on helping her patients learn how to take care of their bodies and manage the various conditions that they may have. Ms. Kreps prides herself on being able to recognize all of her patients on sight and treating them as a whole person, not just by what their problem is.

Attributing much of her success to hard work, Ms. Kreps is also deeply grateful to the support she has had over the years, including her nurse at Legacy Family Healthcare, her financial adviser, and her family. She also has an unparalleled capacity for empathy that has resulted from her own difficult life experiences, which she has turned into positive ways to connect with her patients and give them the tools they need to move forward in complex and stressful situations. Having accomplished much over the years, Ms. Kreps considers the highlight of her career to be founding Legacy Family Healthcare and building it up into a fully functional medical facility from what was once a chiropractic clinic.

Alongside her primary responsibilities, Ms. Kreps maintains professional affiliation with the American Association of Nurse Practitioners in order to keep abreast of new developments in the field. She has also been recognized as a Top RN in Pierceton, Indiana, by the International Nurses Association. Looking toward the future, she intends to hire on a second nurse practitioner for Legacy Family Healthcare once the practice is more firmly established. Striving to cultivate a legacy as a genuine person who loves people, Ms. Kreps would advise young and aspiring professionals to find a good mentor and start with a basic associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing and spend time working as a nurse before seeking further education, so that you can gain real world experience along side the theory.

Born in Warsaw, Indiana, to birth parents who were unable to keep her, Ms. Kreps was adopted at just 3 days old by her mother, Donna Jo. Today, she is happily married to her husband, Fred, and is the proud mother of four children, ages 7 to 22: Emma, Katie, and twins Donna Jo and Janet. Her family has also grown to include her grandson, Dakota, who she describes as the light of her world. In her free time, Ms. Kreps is active in her community, involving herself in civic causes to support military veterans


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