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Lin Morel

Lin Morel was prompted by an innate desire to make the world a better place from a formative age. Inspired to be of service to others following her own personal experience with trauma, grief, and loss, she has endeavored to assist individuals in recognizing their triggers and regaining control of their lives. Currently, she excels as the founder and chief executive officer of Beyond Words Group, Inc., formerly operating as Lin Morel & Associates. Since the 1980s, Dr. Morel has utilized her business to help clients process traumatic experiences, stating that “Trauma robs life, but it also has the potential to turn people into diamonds.”

Over the course of her career, Dr. Morel has made it her life’s mission to dramatically alter how the world perceives trauma and survival, having formerly spent two decades volunteering for causes related to awareness and eradication of domestic violence and leading various nonprofit organizations. To this end, she is ordained as a non-denominational minister and a spiritual director, working in collaboration with C-level company executives and other individuals with missions to change the world, such as entrepreneurs, documentary filmmakers, and scientists across the globe. Dr. Morel has reached the lives of millions of individuals, extending from the United States to countries including Italy, Australia, Scotland, England, France, and Canada. Likewise, Dr. Morel is well-versed in a myriad of martial arts forms, holding certifications as a Chi Gong instructor, Reiki second-degree practitioner, Tai Chi energy healing practitioner, and fifth-degree black belt. In the beginning stages of her career, she was a buyer in the petrochemical industry and a specification writer and buyer for the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority. She also previously owned the Endless Mountain Retreat Center and co-founded the Academy of Asian Arts.

Widely considered a master vessel of Light as a speaker, trainer, healer, consultant, and coach, Dr. Morel is noteworthy for developing the W.I.N. (Willingness, Intention, Neutrality) Protocol to assist individuals of all ages in coping with traumatic situations. In light of her leadership prowess and selfless attitude, she has worked alongside individuals and businesses alike, including high-ranking executives and professional athletes. Specializing in such subject areas as spiritual psychology, stress, domestic violence prevention, grief, and trauma, Dr. Morel was honored as Coach of the Year by ComprehensiveCoachingU.com in 2010 in recognition of her commitment to others.

While thriving in her profession, Dr. Morel received several academic degrees, having first attended Fairleigh Dickinson University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in 1973. She continued her studies at the University of Santa Monica in California, earning a Master of Arts in spiritual psychology in 1994. Thereafter, she received a Master of Arts in applied theology and a doctorate in spiritual science from the Peace Theological Seminary in 1997 and 2000, respectively. Dr. Morel has also completed many leadership training programs throughout her career, exemplifying her dedication to continued learning.

Notably, Dr. Morel has authored eight books, including her best-seller from 2014, “Soul Lifts: From Bumps to Brilliance.” Recently, she penned “The Grace of Love” in 2022 and “Beyond Lovelyville: A Parable of Self-Awareness and Rising Above Trauma” in 2020. She has been featured on various media outlets, such as PBS, The Discovery Channel, and NBC, having appeared in two docuseries, “Trauma” and Nathan Crane’s “Conquering Cancer.” Congruent to her primary appointments, Dr. Morel was a board chairperson and board member for A Window Between Worlds, an organization that serves domestic violence agencies, survivors and communities impacted by violence and uses art as a tool for healing.

Dr. Morel credits her success to her intimate insight into the inner workings of trauma, and her lifelong mission has always been to help others overcome their struggles without fear of judgment or persecution. Deriving a great sense of fulfillment from her work, she intends to continue serving as a beacon of light in the forthcoming years, with a particular emphasis on helping veterans recognize post-traumatic stress symptoms.

Now in her 70s, Dr. Morel has no plans to slow down and ultimately endeavors to help individuals with trauma live to their fullest potential. In this regard, she would also like to establish an online learning program to help clients discover themselves at the deepest levels.


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