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Kye Fox

Inspired to make the world a better place, Kye Kilpatrick Fox serves as a community activist, the president and the chief executive officer of Urban Advisory Services, specializing in health, education, and women’s and children’s issues on a local, statewide and national scale. Growing up in a household that was very community driven and active, her father, Charles Kilpatrick, encouraged her to participate more on the civic front, as he worked as journalist and interacted with several important local figures. Eventually, her father began preparing for retirement and suggested she assume some of his board positions. Ms. Fox subsequently became involved on the board of the San Antonio Public Library, which inspired her to advocate on behalf of her community.

Through her chairperson position with the United Way’s women’s leadership council, Ms. Fox has lobbied for several acts to be passed. Notably, she contributed to the passing of the “Calling for 2-1-1 Act,” which aimed to have 2-1-1 services implemented in every state. Over the years, Ms. Fox has also dedicated her time and resources to Transitions in Decisions and the Greater San Antonio After School All-Stars, which provides comprehensive after-school programs that help keep children safe, and assists them in succeeding in both school and life.

The program was implemented in 18 schools that were located in low income and impoverish areas, and Ms. Fox was particularly proud of having a helping hand in that. She gave a speech to 3,000+ people regarding the program and offered it to other schools nationwide – a moment she took much pride in. She helped take students on several trips to major cities including Capitol Hill in Washington and Austin, Texas. Earlier in her career, Ms. Fox excelled in the retail business where she served a buyer for more than two decades. Additionally, worked with a large corporation and has experience in their Community Relations Department for five years.

In light of her outstanding advocacy work, Ms. Fox was recognized as the Volunteer of the Year by the United Way. Likewise, she has been featured on the cover of the Business Journal. Looking toward the future, Ms. Fox intends to continue advancing in her charitable and community endeavors so that she can leave her community better than when she found it. She would like to be remembered as a person who cares deeply for people, a person with a great soul and a woman with a humble heart. Likewise, she respects individuals who have big hearts, who are selfless, and people who are willing to share and listen.


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