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Kimberly Scott-Dorsey

An accomplished entrepreneur, Kimberly Scott-Dorsey was inspired to her career by her grandfather, Percy Dorsey Sr., a military veteran who ran a successful grocery store. He taught her the fundamentals of business, which led her to work in multiple business fields, including construction, real estate, liquor retail and now consulting. Since 2006, she has excelled as the owner of the KSD Consultant Firm LLC, where she mentors young entrepreneurs, leaders and business owners to help them achieve their mission and professional growth and development goals. Ms. Scott-Dorsey’s duties with her firm include helping newly established businesses gather information regarding funding, working with the local legislature, and assisting entrepreneurs in managing their mental health.

Ms. Scott-Dorsey has garnered skill as an entrepreneur since 1986 when she joined Starlight Enterprise Academies Inc. With Starlight Enterprise, she worked as an early education provider and eventually became president and chief executive officer before leaving in 2010. She is certified in organizational and multi-culture communication training and is known for her performance management, marketing and employment skills. Ms. Scott-Dorsey went on to further her knowledge with an Associate of Science in psychology from the Milwaukee campus of the University of Phoenix in 2013 and a Bachelor of Science in psychology and communication, with high honors, from Cardinal Stritch University in 2017.

Furthermore, Ms. Scott-Dorsey holds considerable expertise in social justice entrepreneurship in humanity, with a particular interest in early education, child development, child safety, housing and behavioral health. Currently, she is pursuing a Master of Science in industrial and organizational psychology in the Social Justice Practicum at Adler University. She is fulfilling her Social Justice Practicum with the Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health. As she looks toward the future, Ms. Scott-Dorsey intends to complete a Doctor of Philosophy and eventually open the Starlight Elementary School of Humanity and Holistic Wellness Center to provide employment opportunities for her community.

Alongside her primary responsibilities, Ms. Scott-Dorsey is active as a motivational speaker and has given several keynote speeches. In order to remain up to date with new developments in her field, she maintains affiliation with a number of professional organizations, including the Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation, the Wisconsin Child Care Administrators Association and TEMPO Milwaukee. Ms. Scott-Dorsey is also a member of several psychological organizations, such as the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc. and the American Psychological Association.

Ms. Scott-Dorsey is a staunch advocate for children’s and youth mental health and has served on the steering committee of the Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force since 2019 and on the board of directors for The Davidson Yell and Tell Foundation, Inc. since 2018. Also in 2019, she was elected as a member of the leadership council for the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. Since 2022, she has been on the alumni board of Cardinal Stritch University. For her excellence, Ms. Scott-Dorsey was notably presented with a People’s Choice Award for advocating human exportation in Wisconsin by Cardinal Stritch University, which also inducted her into their honor society for “Outstanding Achievement in Academia.”

Attributing much of her success to her spiritual relationship, Ms. Scott-Dorsey also credits her family and friends, including her mother, Gwendolyn Bell; her grandparents, Leola Dorsey and Percy Dorsey Sr.; and her uncles, Michael Dorsey and Percy Dorsey Jr. Furthermore, she is the proud mother of two children, Valentina Nicole Scott and Christina Reney Scott and grandmother to two grandchildren, Jada-Reney Scott and Devon Lee. Above everything, Ms. Scott-Dorsey lives her life by the mottos “Treat others as you want to be treated” and “Be kind to others as you are kind to yourself.”  


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