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Kimberly Hansen

Nonprofit management expert Kimberly M. Hansen has been committed to the nonprofit sector since she began working in the field nearly four decades ago and discovered it was her calling. She loves being in the position to go to work each day to help others. This appreciation extends to Ms. Hansen’s current role as the executive director since 2009 of the Iowa-based nonprofit Rebuilding Together Greater Des Moines, overseeing the organization, fundraising, and managing various functions.

Preparing and steadily honing her leadership skills on the way to distinguishing herself in her profession, Ms. Hansen earned a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from Simpson College in 1999 and a Master of Public Administration from Drake University in 2001. Embarking on her career in 1988, she became director of front-of-house operations at the Des Moines Community Playhouse for 11 years. From 1999 to 2002, she was an education coordinator with the Des Moines Art Center while serving as co-chair of Restoration Ingersoll in Des Moines, Iowa, between 1999 and 2011. From there, Ms. Hansen led as director of the RSVP and Foster Grandparent Program at United Way of Central Iowa from 2002 to 2008 before she became executive director of The Des Moines Neighborhood Resource Office through 2010 and joined Rebuilding Together Greater Des Moines. Presently, Ms. Hansen is president and chair of the City of Des Moines Housing Services Board and a member of the board of directors with the Des Moines Community Playhouse. She previously served on the boards of directors for United Way of Central Iowa and the City of Des Moines Neighborhood Revitalization Board.

During her tenure with Rebuilding Together Greater Des Moines, Ms. Hansen has made significant contributions to the community by assisting more than 4,000 families. Her achievements have been a source of inspiration for the entire team and have had numerous positive impacts on the organization’s mission of repairing homes, revitalizing communities, and rebuilding lives. Ms. Hansen plans to continue working with the organization for the foreseeable future to support its increased growth and stability. Similarly, Ms. Hansen recalls another significant time in her career as co-chair with Restoration Ingersoll, helping to raise more than $35 million to renovate the streetscape to revitalize the whole business district and the residential area, which helped the businesses to thrive as well as land and property values to increase. The project also brought the historic part of the city back to life and helped keep the community engaged by inspiring people to want to be part of the area.

For her dedication through the years, Ms. Hansen garnered accolades including the 30 Under 30 Award from Simpson College, the Neighborhood Leadership Award from the Greater Des Moines Partnership, and being named Citizen of the Year by the Des Moines Police Department. She credits the success she has enjoyed to her primary desire to help people. Further, she believes that working in the nonprofit field has helped her to better connect within the community and network with people who work in multiple professions, greatly enhancing her career. Ms. Hansen also gets inspired by seeing the accomplishments of others who work in the nonprofit space. Along with her many endeavors, she loves spending time with her family, flower gardening, and photography.


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