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Gabriela Sarabia

In Aurora, Colorado, Gabriela Sarabia is the chief executive officer of S&S Construction Services, LLC, the successful roofing company that she proudly built and developed starting in 2012 with her husband, Sergio Sarabia Sr., the chief operating officer and general manager. Citing her leadership at the company as her greatest professional accomplishment since she immigrated to the United States from Mexico nearly 30 years ago, Ms. Sarabia is the firm’s expert in mentoring, training, administration, and all financial matters, while Mr. Sarabia executes the surveys, inspections, estimates with his wife, construction, production, and customer service, while her daughter, Vanessa Manntz also oversees production as the office director. With an extensive, dedicated management team and staff guided by Ms. Sarabia, S&S Construction Services, LLC, holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Ms. Sarabia ties her success to her beliefs rooted in a strong work ethic, high standards, approachable personality, and knowing how to make corrections constructively yet firmly, which has helped her to avoid being manipulated. She also has always believed that an individual can cause or effect change in themselves and in others by adjusting to a positive, surrounding culture. Her own experience reflects a compelling story of how she adapted to her new life, study, and work, to incorporate herself into a new society. Thus, she encourages and inspires others to always believe there is room for personal growth by never limiting themselves. Taking her own advice by continually expanding or sharing her knowledge, Ms. Sarabia holds memberships in the Colorado Roofing Association, National Women in Roofing and Denver Women in Business.

Years before going into business, early on, Ms. Sarabia received a general educational development diploma from Mesa College. She then earned an associate degree from Colorado Mountain College in 2007 and became a teacher seeking a career in early childhood education after her long-held desire to help give children the support they need most while they are very young so they can thrive as adults. She left the education arena, yet as the mother of her daughter and son Sergio Sarabia Jr., she supports children’s causes by donating to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and participating in fundraisers for kids such as the local police department’s Shop with a Cop. In addition to working, Ms. Sarabia enjoys running outdoors, attending cultural events, visiting museums, and meeting new people.


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