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Amanda K. Parker is a database administrator and data analytics expert who has spent more than 15 years as Eastern Virginia Medical School’s graduate medical education and information systems specialist. Since 2004, she has specialized in maintaining the school’s residency management software and databases, becoming the primary user, trainer, and administrator for the entire program. Ms. Parker’s career began when she pursued administrative office work after completing some college coursework. Unsure of her desired path, she was hired by Eastern Virginia Medical School and placed in the Graduate Medical Education Office as a temporary worker.

After only a month in the office, Ms. Parker was hired as a permanent staff member and promoted to her current role. She excelled at the projects she was assigned, attributing her success to having the “logical mind and mental acuity” for the tasks and fitting into the culture of both the office and the school. Ms. Parker found her passion in data administration and her intuition for the needs and direction of her projects helped build the department to what it has become today, recalling that “this was the direction that the office happened to be heading, and she happened to be in the right place at the right time.”

Among the largest projects Ms. Parker facilitated for Eastern Virginia Medical School was a major software transition for the institution’s billing and accounting office, migrating all of the department’s data and infrastructures from an older Oracle-based system to a new web-based interface. She was awarded the 2020 Easy MS Outstanding Employee Award in recognition of her contributions and looks forward to obtaining her TAGME certification shortly. Ms. Parker holds a graduate medical education administrator certificate, and is currently working on completing her associate degree with the goal of earning a bachelor’s degree within five years. In her personal time, Ms. Parker is a dedicated volunteer at her church, and enjoys time spent with her husband, an electrician, and their three children.


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