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Katherine McCumber

A certified public accountant, Katherine Louise McCumber started her company, McCumber’s Glass, Inc., alongside her late father, Lois “Lou” McCumber, in 2000. They officially launched in 2001, with Ms. McCumber serving as vice president, a role she holds to this day. Today, McCumber’s Glass has garnered a reputation as a premier source for curtain wall glass, storefronts, aluminum glazed curtain walls and storefronts, board resistance, custom glass, court houses and fire stations. In the past four years, McCumber’s Glass has been recognized as the Best Subcontracting Glazier in Northern California.

After her father’s passing in 2014, Ms. McCumber’s mother, Karen McCumber, stepped into the role of president for McCumber’s Glass and continues to helm the company. They recently landed an $18 million contract for a resort on Lake Tahoe that includes four four-story buildings that will be connected underground and have sliding doors and their own ski lifts. As she looks toward the future, Ms. McCumber intends to continue growing the company and achieving success alongside the general contractors they work with. She is incredibly proud to have achieved her goals in roughly half the time she had estimated they would take — her one-year goals were completed in six to eight months, her three-year goals were concluded in a year and a half, and her five-year goals were achieved in three.

Ms. McCumber has made a name for herself for her enthusiasm, positivity and joy, all elements she brings to her work every day. Thinking outside the box, she takes pride in being able to rise above problems and be flexible when addressing solutions and resolutions. One of the most important things she has learned through the years is flexibility, noting that you can’t be controlling of suppliers and general contractors; you have to let them do their work at their pace. In an effort to remain up to date with new developments in her field, Ms. McCumber maintains affiliation with a number of professional organizations, including the Sacramento Regional Builders’ Exchange, the Valley Contractors Exchange Inc. and the National Association of Women in Construction.

For her excellence, Ms. McCumber has been the recipient of a number of honors and accolades over the course of her career. Most recently, she was recognized by Industry Era Women Leaders in 2022 for creating premier craftsmanship and named among the Top 10 Inspiring Women Leaders of 2022 in the Industry Era Women Leaders magazine. Ms. McCumber’s achievements have previously been featured in such publications as The Women Leaders magazine, CIO Views and The Enterprise World.

Having accomplished much throughout the years, Ms. McCumber attributes much of her success to hard work, dedication and her positive attitude. She has had many contracts, colleagues and suppliers say they enjoy her enthusiasm. Furthermore, her family has also been a driving force for her as she strives to ensure that her mother will always be taken care of and that her two children and three grandchildren will never have to worry for anything. When she isn’t working, Ms. McCumber enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.


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