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Inseong Kim

Among her multifaceted roles, Inseong J. Kim is host of “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” 960 The Patriot & 1360AM KPXQ Wilkins Comm 20+ Oneplace at Hope In Mission, LLC, in Phoenix, Arizona. In the triple-purposed business, Ms. Kim thrives equally as a radio broadcaster, an artistic oil painter, and a dentistry entrepreneur.

A member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Ms. Kim first hosted a radio program titled “In His Love,” centered on providing psychological support for families who had experiences with abortion. After a decade, she rebranded the program as “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” to cover a broader spectrum of pertinent contemporary cultural issues, which has attracted thousands of listeners and audience downloads highlighting the show’s impact, a delightful surprise to Ms. Kim.

In the painting portion of her leadership role, Ms. Kim, who embarked on an oil painting career at age 40 driven by a lifelong passion for the craft she introduced to her young children, showcases her artwork for a seasonal art exhibition inside her Inseong Gallery at the nearby Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center at Benner Gateway Medical Center during the institution’s Appreciation Day for its devoted staff and patients. The event provides a unique source of solace and inspiration, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in art and find healing and gratitude in the process. For the third area of her business, Ms. Kim has developed an app for her dentistry enterprises. Her entry into the field was prompted by her husband of nearly 40 years, Steven Y. Kim, being a dentist. She was instrumental in assisting him with his practice established in 1997. Within seven years, the couple transformed the practice from having no patients to becoming one of the top 5% of dental practices in Phoenix. Following the sale of their initial practice, they replicated their successful model by establishing two more practices, and today, Ms. Kim runs the business portions of all three of their dentistry locations: Kierland Dental, LLC; Deer Valley Dentistry, PC; and Northpoint Dentistry, PC.

Also a writer, Ms. Kim is a co-author of “Healing Through Psalm 23: Life—Journey with the Unknown,” published by WestBow Press in 2019, and the author of “Rest In His Love, Our Redeemer, Jesus Christ,” released by Xulon Press in 2012. Honored for her dedication to her pursuits and beliefs, Ms. Kim received a commendation letter from President George W. Bush and The White House in 2003 and won the Pro-Life Award from Salem Media in 2018. Ms. Kim firmly believes that part of her success stems from having a transformative impact on the discourse surrounding pro-life and pro-choice matters through her radio program. Her advocacy extended not only to unborn children but also to the welfare and reputation of mothers. She emphasized the importance of safeguarding the dignity of mothers, recognizing that their backgrounds and circumstances vary, and understanding that empathy and support are essential in addressing these complex issues. Civically, Ms. Kim has served as a counselor at Choices Pregnancy Center.

Years before becoming an entrepreneur, Ms. Kim’s educational journey began when she completed coursework in special education at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, South Korea, in 1984. The following year, she immigrated from South Korea to the United States, and her personal experience with the conflict between North Korea and South Korea served as the cornerstone purpose of her career path. Her primary objective was to safeguard her freedom and create an environment in which she and her children could thrive in a free society. From there she won an Actuarial Scholarship from the Society of Actuary in 1987 before earning a Bachelor of Science in actuarial science from The Ohio State University in 1990. Today, Ms. Kim is pursuing a master’s degree in Biblical studies from Phoenix Seminary and seeks to complete a business analytics program at Harvard Business School.

During the next decade, Ms. Kim expects to have completed the development of a curriculum derived from her latest book, “Healing Through Psalm 23: Life-Journey with the Unknown.” This resource will be readily accessible online, providing individuals with the opportunity to engage with the lectures she has recorded. The goal of the book and its associated curriculum is to empower caregivers with the essential tools and knowledge required to support individuals facing mental health challenges. Further, Ms. Kim plans to write an autobiography to inspire others through her story. The devoted mother of two daughters and a son enjoys gardening and playing golf in her spare time.


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