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Dedicated to making her customers feel comfortable, Consuelo Garcia is excelling as the owner of Ameri Tax. She opened the income tax and bookkeeping services company in 2010 after many years in her family’s businesses, and is proud of stepping out on her own. Ms. Garcia is thrilled that her company continues to grow, believing that “you grow when you give.” Notably, since its start, Ameri Tax has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Ms. Garcia loves having the opportunity to help her largely Hispanic clientele and make their lives easier; she finds it extremely rewarding. She attributes her success thus far to the support of her mother, who gave her strength and faith.

Ms. Garcia’s professional journey officially began when she turned 24. That was the year her family opened a Mexican restaurant and she became responsible for overseeing the front of the restaurant, including customer service and accounts. Her family then started a flooring business from 2000 to 2009, where she also held a leadership role. During this time, Ms. Garcia was gaining a lot of hands-on accounting experience. She began doing income tax work on the side, and the rest is history. To enhance her standing in her field, Ms. Garcia earned a certification from the IRS. She also joined prominent organizations like the National Federation of Independent Business, Latino Tax Pro, and the National Society of Accountants. Looking to the future, she hopes to leave a legacy for her family.

​When Ms. Garcia isn’t working, she is pursing hobbies like oil painting, traveling, and DJing. She has a 4-hour Christian program on a secular radio station. She has also been active in her local church, and was involved with Operation Blessing the Children from 2006 to 2008.


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